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How I can sew the fabric panels Stich-cross in a blanket and prevent tearing and unraveling seams?

I think you should use a zig zag on the four edges of the fabric in cross stitch to prevent fraying. There is also the Fray Check liquid would help.

Razai Jaipuri - A warm quilt, waterproof and lightweight Rajasthan

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, quilt makers have developed a tradition in a warm, extent Light quilt called "Jaipuri razai." translation is quite simple. "Jaipuri" means "In from Jaipur, the "target ="> _blank "capital of Rajasthan, and" razai "simply means" cover ".

Tourists buy these quilts are on their way to Jaipur. In addition, these blankets are not boring like other covers. Jaipuri Razai are available in bright colors with vivid impressions Sanganeri dyed materials, marble prints on cotton and velvet suit your mood.

These quilts are in demand all year by locals and tourists and foreigners. But in the winter months you can not miss these quilts as shown in prominently in most City stores near Hawala Mahal and Johri bazaar selling textile products.

These blankets are also exported to developed countries up about Rs 100 crore.

What is unique "Jaipuri Razai"

A razai Jaipuri is unique both for its handicrafts and functionality. Firstly, in the development of these beautiful quilts, the craftsmen use traditional skills in making carding of cotton textiles, cotton sail-making and quilting. Cotton Carding is the process of preparing cotton for use as a cotton-filled duvet.

In a typical Jaipuri razai, the worker starts by one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cotton carding and work for a full week. After all the carding of cotton, worker is left with only 100 grams of cotton used to complete the quilt. The more light and fluffy cotton fulfilling, the warmer the duvet is comfortable.

Once the filling is prepared, the craftsmen will make quilts. It is important that cotton coat throughout the quilt. This is Another feature of the quilt that gives it its heat. The shell of the quilt is usually a soft cotton gauze high quality. cotton cloth gauze veil Lightweight cotton with a smooth surface. The sweetness of the key itself with the very tight, the warmth of the quilt. Sometimes, the velvet cushion covers applications in place of cotton voile.

After being filled, the quilt is sewn together. Of course, in times past, the quilt makers doing everything from sewing needle.

More recently, however, officials of the quilt using a sewing machine to assemble the sides the quilt together. The machine-stitched sides increase the durability of the quilt. Quilters then use a seam on the inside panels quilt to keep the place to meet and add to the beauty of the quilt. All that work, patents to fill the key is usually done by craftsmen whose families have been practicing these skills for generations.

The functionality of the Jaipuri razai is as important as the know-how that will do so. Although this type of quilt is handmade, soft and measurement, do not feel that it is delicate. These dildos are, in fact, very durable. This is not surprising when one considers the history and geography of the region that these panels originally in.

Versatile and durable

razais Jaipuri can be done by hand and light, but they are not fragile. In fact, they are very sustainable. Of course, it would be necessary, given its origins in the caravan routes.

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