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one to her for Christmas. I never made a quilt, but I would do it myself. Where I can learn to make a quilt? I heard about the kits, but I would like be able to choose the design and fabric? Besides, I was not expecting to spend a lot of money, I do not know how some cost, too. (I'm sure my mother has a sewing machine) Thank you: D I used a sewing machine before, maybe a little more than a year ago. I made some pillows, some have been turbulent, sock Christmas, and a hat. So I have a little experience.

If possible, attend a quilt. Many quilt shops and even community colleges offer classes for beginners quilt. Books are fine, but nothing compares to the person entitled there, how and why. If a class is not possible, there are basic books can help you get started. My favorite was "Start Quilting Alex Anderson." It has all the bases, and is relatively cheap. There are also websites and blogs that can give the necessary information. Oh, Fransson! over a quilt is full of beautiful details. I think it offers everything a beginner needs to start quilting. You can find the beginning of the quilt, here: http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2009/03/welcome-to-the-quiltalong.html This page also has links to many resources more for quilts: http://piecemealquilts.wordpress.com/quilting-resources/ The cost depends on many things. The size of the quilt makes a big difference, of course, but fabric. You can buy cheap cloth $ 2 a yard, or you can get "Quilt Shop" tissue from $ 9 a yard. The most expensive material is the quality generally better, but if you're patient, watch for the city, and flexible in your choices, you can get very nice fabric for $ 4 or less one meter. Remember you need supporting tissue, too. If making a large quilt, consider buying "reverse" of fabric. Usually 90 "- 112" wide, and is more sales, again, as often as much as 50% discount. Decide what type of club you want - not just buy the cheapest available or you might regret.

Make Quilt Kits for other

As the holidays approach and we all try to think of unique gifts for friends and family, quilts have creative edge. Even ignoring the obvious gift of a quilt, quilted jacket, quilted or accessories for the home means more cutting of pieces.

Packaging cushioning your equipment is simple. Use resealable plastic bags for storing items. Include copy of the product something that does not understand. Close the plastic bag closed and the equipment is stuffed full!

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Penny has been a quilter for more than 27 years. She enjoys exploring all aspects of quilting and sharing her knowledge with all quilters. If you are looking for an Internet quilting club with a wide variety of resources for all level quilters, check out http://www.TheQuiltingCoach.com .


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