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Patchwork of memories

Have you ever looked at a box of souvenirs and trinkets, and wondered what to do with it - with the exception of the closing the cover and put on the shelf?

Maybe you have a collection of scarves from his grandmother. Or what about a cup of buttons and the box was the lace Saving for a project? Or maybe your husband, son or boyfriend has a picture of military medals.

You share the treasures in a hanging wall quilt style.

basic quilt blocks are the basis of these memory quilts, and find an expression of creativity and soul that you develop your quilt design and design methods for the determination of objects.

The design of your quilt

Your collection should be central to your quilt or hanging wall. The first thing to do is to collect and leave his collection on the table.

Decide on a theme for your quilt. If you have a collection of gloves, the theme might be elegant parties. A collection of buttons may reflect memories of childhood. These could be military medals to honor a military hero.

You even might want to take notes about your article and thoughts to guide you when you make your quilt. Think also about how to keep these notes as a diary for future generations to enjoy creation.


Choose fabrics that are related to the topic your quilt - both in color and design. For example, you may not want include a shiny fabric with fire trucks in the gloves of your memories with quilt parties representing elegant. However, this fabric of trucks may be perfect for a quilt with buttons for children.

Use a variety light, shadow and how to give your quilt an interesting background, taking into account the mood of your quilt. A quilt with a dark atmosphere may no need to make a wide range of bright and fun fabrics.

The size of your quilt

Leave your collection to determine the size of your quilt or hanging wall. As his collection was on the table, have an idea of the size of your quilt is required to display your memories looking their best. You can add or delete some items, or even make two quilts in its collection.

The shape of the quilt

Be open a unique form that can develop the design of your quilt. Your key can be round quilt, a quilt of military medals could take the form a medal with ribbon. Or, your library may be perfect displayed in a traditional rectangular quilt. A scarf or neck edges scalloped coverage may echo the shape of the room.

You may find that your quilt blocks are of different sizes and even different shapes. For example, each glove can be attached to a block. You can place a glove short in a square block, while a glove to elbow works best in a rectangular bottom. Be open to different forms, and know that you can always put strips of cloth around or between blocks of a piece of the quilt.


How to design your quilt, keep in mind the idea of repetition in your quilt. Repeating themes, shapes and colors, hung your quilt or wall will have the continuity of a traditional quilt while displaying his collection unique.

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