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How many yards of fabric I need a quilt twin size?

I want to make a quilt with only three different fabrics. Each block is 12 "square, so there will be a total of 54 quilt blocks of 6x9. Since I am seriously suck math, how many yards I need the top of the quilt? Thanks! I'm not really a beginner lol. This will be my sixth quilt, but it is only the second I did it for no reason. But I'm very, very bad at math.

6 'x 9' = 72 "x 108". cotton fabric for quilting is usually 42 45 inches wide. You can get three blocks wide of material, including nine of the court. * 6 + yards = 54 blocks. After a quarter of haute couture fashion, their power will be 11.5 ". Add 1 / 2" to each block to a finished 12 "block. * Add an extra half yard seams and cutting staff in the shop irregular fabric. More tips here - http://www.sewaquilt.com/index.html

Learn to Quilt â € "Discover Top Tips for early Quilter

Over the years, the easiest way is to stick a I did was completely out of 4 ½ inches square. If youâ € ™ re trying to discover the joys of quilting, itâ € ™ s place place to start. Calculate the size you want your quilt, how many places youâ € ™ ll need, and from there, follow these tips along Road:

1. Choose a line of fabric. When you go to a fabric store, ask the clerk to show you the fabric groups coordinate prints. Youâ € ™ ll find that you can make your fabric shopping a breeze.

If youâ € ™ re making a quilt you want to last, choose high-quality fabric. Quilt shops are the best place to buy clothes from running. Although the cost is higher, taking account the amount of time and effort that youâ € ™ ll be invested in this project. The additional $ 20 in materials will greatly improve profitability, and youâ € ™ ll find the time Wona € ™ t be very difficult you know.

2. Use an accurate ¼ inch seam. Some machines are equipped with what is called a foot ¼ inch. If yours donâ € ™ t buy one. For an investment of just $ 10 more, youâ € ™ ll have the luck fairly accurate.

If you know your seam allowances are turned off, fix them before continuing. Youâ € ™ will be happier with the ease of sewing pieces.

3. Use a rotary cutter and ruler acrylic. Measure twice and cut once. If you use a model and scissors, each image can vary in size and sewing Wona € ™ t fit together consistently.

More than that, youâ € ™ ll save a lot of time and go to fun stuff faster.

4. PIN all joints are attached. Taking a little time to align the seams and pin together youâ € ™ ll be excited to see her completed quilt top donâ € ™ t distorted due to the stretching and relaxation.

5. Take a class. Or more than one class. Personally, I learned a lot faster than I had put before a competent instructor instead of reading every book and magazine article I could find.

Youâ € ™ 'll also make friends. There is nothing better than to have a cushion of friends to go shopping. Nobody else can understand your obsessive need to find the text perfectly pink and green frog that you saw in a catalog somewhere, you just.

Youâ € ™ ll discover Quilting can be an adventure. Anyone with common sense to create a quilt heritage that will stand the test of time.

Fortunately with good instruction, filling is as simple as following a set of proven measures. Take the first step and learn how easy and fun to create memories can truly be heredity. Now go to target = "_blank" title = "Find out how> http://www.DiscoverHowToQuilt.com Quilt.




About the Author

Erin is a nationally known quilt pattern designer and instructor. For more information, go to www.discoverhowtoquilt.com


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