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If I buy a kit online quilting I can do is buy the hand instead of a machine?

I actually hand sewing lately. I wanted to do a little something like a mini quilt no more than 7 inches square. I wondered if there would be no problem if I do the sewing by hand and not a machine? Thank you very much, Jessie An example of this is one of the kits I was thinking of buying http://www.weekendkits.com/fall-harvest1-mini-quilt-kit.html

You can "crawl" blocks, add borders or networks of links and quilts, and / or "blanket" of your quilt hand if you want. It just took longer than using a machine and want to know some things about how many stitches per inch you need, what to sew, etc. The game probably will not have specific instructions for doing things by hand, but if you can see some of these tutorials and links to everything "by the reconstruction of the hand" http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+hand+piece+quilt In the example we have shown using simple shapes and rebuild, and has an affair. (You can "apply" and various other techniques used in the world hand or machine quilting.) PS Sometimes the hand sewing can be more accurate and easier for certain types of reconstruction, but sometimes the opposite. PPS If you is interested in "miniature" quilts, "may also be interested in" miniature reconstituted foundation blocks of different small (or blocks can be assembled to form the miniature quilts as well.) The technique is sometimes called "new role" as well (but not "reconstitute English newspaper" to make hexagons, etc, which is another thing). The two miniature quilts and the base of mini articles reconstituted can be typed or handwritten and paper piecing mini images and allows the pattern that are small enough to be very accurately. Patterns piecing miniature paper can be very simple to the complex, and may be a reason or two or more reasons to join later (often more tedious). These are some examples around (for me, and a Google search): http://s96.photobucket.com/albums/l163/DianeBB/z_QUILT http://images.google.com/images?q=miniature+foundation + Splice http://images.google.com/images?q=foundation+piecing -etc/paper-pieced_or_mini-foundation (Please note that paper piecing can be "regular" or miniature size ... I speak only of those in miniature. The blocks are shown in my album tend to be of a finite size of 4.3 inches, but can be much smaller. So do most of my all on paper - something to hand so they probably used a muslin cloth instead of paper because it is less rigid and try seams different.) HTH and have fun!

Tips for decorating with leaves

Are you a person struggling for an artistic touch to everything? Are you bored with your current home furniture? Are you trying to get rid of that old sheet, but can not because it is not so old? Did you buy bedding that does not care enough to use in your bed? You want something nice and cheap too? If any of these questions generate a "yes" then this is the place ideal for finding creative ways to use your bed linen.

Pillows and cushions : Use sheets to pillowcases and cushions forms heart-shaped interest rectangle, square or round. All the forms they want is pillows scissors, thread and needle, or you can get sewing kits, including all necessary components and make pillows exquisite. You can even use ribbons, lace, beads, sequins, etc. to embellish the covers to your satisfaction.

Curtains: Use your leaf to different styles of curtains, garlands, valence curtains, brown curtain panels. If you're comfortable with the sewing, you do, and if not, get professional help or can be managed from the network to learn about how to make curtains.

Quilts : They are adorable rug colors simply. You can use a number of leaves to make interesting patterns. Use embroidery, appliques and beads to decorate rugs and surprise you to know that does not give the bedding now!

Round Table Covers: Do you have a round table and dimension table does not adequately cover? Use bed sheet cutting a circle of it, wide enough to cover the table upstairs, the hem And here is your deck hatch and ready to use!

Mats: Have you purchased rubber mats or coir, but now that you do not touch. Covered with colored paper, carpet fluffy ready. Permanence can sew with mats or temporary devices, such as connecting with Velcro, you can also do.

These are some ideas may apply to the use of new bedding to decorate and reuse for advice. Let your imagination make rounds to find interesting ways to use the leaves!

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