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What fabric do I have to make this quilt?

I try to see the quilt pattern and I get a brain fart and I can not know how to get. From the dark fabric I need 15 for six and a half inch and four inches square, 30. Of lightweight fabric that I need 60 three rectangles of six and half inch one-half inch and four 30-inch square. How many yards I lightweight fabric and a black cloth? Please help! I make these quilts for charity. Thanks Mom Quilt!

You need a hair of three quarters of the court the black if you cut too closely - So round up to 1 meter. For light 1 1 / 2 yards.

Buying Tips Cotton Quilting

Buying quilting fabric like it should be fairly simple. And frankly, when I started Quilting was simple. At least I did it this way. Wandered into the fabric store and found fabric I liked - the pattern, color, design. But overall, I bought the fabric just because I loved him.

Consequently, my quilting fabric stash included all types of fabrics - polyester, cotton / polyester, rayon and wool. After quilting experiences (some were pretty bad), I learned the benefits different tissues. Now I look at a couple different things when I think to buy fabrics.

In general, I prefer natural fibers. It is without doubt a sense of connection with old quilts. Or maybe I've aged a comment on "a baby wrapped in plastic (Polyester) "just stuck with me - in a negative sense.

Although I prefer natural fibers, I did some fun covers that include lame, and sometimes polyester cotton or poly / blend, because it offered some benefits design that I did not find cotton - like a logo sports.

This is a series of articles on different types of roofing material used in quilts. For simplicity, I will I focus on natural fibers cotton, wool and silk. I used all (but not in the same quilt.) This is my first hand experience and comments. personal opinion as it is.

As you can go online and find plenty of articles and web pages that describe the structure is a fascinating and dyed, I'll let them do what they describe about this, and I'm going to focus on what quilters want to know - how to work with such material?

From 100% cotton fabric is clearly the most popular quilt, we'll start there.

There are several specific reasons 100% cotton bedding prefer:

• Cotton is easy to work with him. After sewing the seam, you can easily finger press the seam allowances in the direction you want them to go. (This means that the fabric will remain firm without pushing every step of the way.)

• The swabs pieces together while sewing. Polyester tends to drag, which requires registered or water, lest they end up being sewn patches crazy.

• Cotton has a certain "flexibility" so that no synthetics. This allows you to draw and shoot a little (just like yourself) to get the seams Make your corresponding corners.

• Cotton breathes. If you make a baby quilt or bedspread, 100% cotton to allow air to circulate during heat capture. How it works is simply a mystery to me, but that seems to be true.

• Cotton dyes absorbed better. Maybe it's just me, but I think the colors are more vivid and employers have more depth.

• Cotton is durable. It has withstood the test time and constant use.

• Cotton can be broken (or broken). While this may be an advantage or disadvantage, This means that you will be able to determine exactly how the fibers aligned. You will be able to "square" has the advantage of breaking and it will not tear threads.

Part II explores the types of fabrics 100% cotton, and some considerations that you buy and use these fabrics in your quilts.

Quilting happy!

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