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or overlock sewing machines?

I want to learn to sew .... I know literally next to nothing. Should I buy the mother's brother my overlock D929 or simply buy the cheapest sewing machine that can be found at the store? I really do not know how all the seams, therefore, a rewarding experience for me and, as such, does not want to spend money on it until you are sure it is something I can even do it. My ideal would be to learn to make simple clothes for my daughters, and the little summer dresses and like I can a simple quilt, I would be delighted. I guess you could buy a sewing machine for $ 100 in the store, or offer something my mother for her serger no longer needed. I give you $ 50 since I'm not quite sure what they are worth. What would you say would be the best decision for me, be given what I want to use?

I've been sewing for over 30 years, I learned from my mother and use his help because I am a child. Honestly, I advise you buy a sewing machine and in the future, if you like sewing, overlock buy your mother. Sergers are great and are wonderful to give a professional finish to any room, but rooms are extremely sensitive equipment. It may not be well for you, but believe me they are. Yes, we Overlock sewing, but if you know how to sew, but I would not advise to learn with a serger. If you want to give you some tips on this topic, send e-mail, we will be happy to clarify any doubts.

Brother Sewing

Many of us have early memories to the creations by our mothers and their Brother sewing machines. The most ornate, they were, rather than heart. moms today are able to continue the tradition with more advanced designs that mothers of yesterday only a dream. Each new version continues to impress with design highlights of new features and options. Brother sewing machines are an important part of a family home as the kitchen sink.

Sewing machines, as we know, were invented to eliminate the need to exhaust and consume all projects finished by hand. More and more households are supplied with electricity, just keep sewing machines and natural. The result was a sewing machine supply which has made its home sewing projects even easier. Each new year is more comfort, methods and update improves productivity each models of Brother sewing machines. Today, we are given from Brother embroidery machines, sewing and embroidery brother and combinations Brother Overlock sewing and quilting. Do not stop there, however. Brother International Corporation has recently been appointed as the seam embroidery and exclusive licensing of the popular television series, Project Runway, where designers and future compete for prizes and money.

With technological advances available in a modern day Brother sewing machine offers a truly interactive, complete with software Scan downloaded so that users can bring their talents during the century sewing 21. New methods of engineering, features compact design and, of course, numerical models Brother sewing machines the only option for many women around the world. More recently, Brother International has introduced its innovative sewing machines at the Consumer Electronics Show. The occasion was highlighting the latest developments in what he called "Mom Tech Expo." She demonstrated the latest technologically advanced products to "empower mothers in their multiple roles in life. "

Highlights of the exhibition were the forms housewives have started successful small businesses from their homes by the simplified integration of sewing and embroidery. Brother has also had the opportunity to present the world premiere machine sewing and embroidery with an integrated camera. Its location just above the needle allows users a broader view of the area you are enthusiasm for sewing. Together with high definition LCD touch screen and shows the sewing machine of our mothers has been reinvented. This powerful Brother Quattro 6000D won the coveted "Best Buy" by Consumers Digest.

Without doubt, the sector Sewing Brother International Corporation is a force to reckon with. Worldwide sales are around 5 billion U.S. dollars worldwide manufacturer and distributor is nearing its 100th anniversary.

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