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Raggedy Ann & Andy "Blue" sung by camel with the wrinkled knees?

Watch this video, is that the return of memories or what? I'm trying to figure out who wrote this song .. all I can find is that they played the camel (Fred Stuthman), but I can not find this song .. I would put it on my Myspace page, but I need more details .. This was absolutely my favorite movie as a kid and my mother sang "Blue" I did yesterday and I also remember .... so now I'm on a mission ... can you help? http://www. youtube.com / watch? v = PAJ4pMLXRTA

You probably will have to enter the clip of the song. The animated film was released in 1976 and all loans have been the music of Joe Raposo. Most likely he wrote the song for the movie. I doubt there is a source for download for that song, but I think some songs performed by Fred Stuthman where blue is reference. Where to find more, I'll let knowledge. UPDATE: All music in the film was written by Joe Raposo. Stuthman Fred made the song the film, and some of their songs are in P-au-P music site I checked. Blue is on the list, but all the formats I tried to download not working in any format, much less in the format specified for this song. I also found that several sites had ads on the film performers in casting, music and the people involved in film production, however, are not linked to these places would work. Even connect in your email. As mentioned earlier, the better chance of getting the track record is to capture a clip. The best method is to search Google for the film and select one of the places where you can order the movie, then save the song in his copy of the film. Make sure search for the title of the whole movie, not only Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Ann was conceived, and her dolls, 1915. There was a lot of it because if the search should be limited to a video. You can even find more than 100 thousand ads, so you must scroll through them carefully. The film was released in 1976, and hit most theaters in 1977. He is old enough to be "back on the shelf" distributors, and music would all be hard to find nowadays.

Halloween Costume Basics for Children

Children love to dress up every day. You will be surprised to see they have more creative ideas adults. But if you see many online stores are as creative as children. Most online stores make great princes and princess costume, your child likes to use. Most children love to wear these costumes. Women love to dress up as princesses and boys love to dress up cowboy. Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are always Favorites of children and parents. These costumes are given a modern twist in the form of Disney costumes. A girl wants to wear a dress Cinderella or Belle from Disney. I make snow white classic Peter Pan Tinkerbell Some girls enjoy dressing up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid Disney's another favorite. Young children love to wear Disney costumes such as Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Even Toy Story, Buzz Light year and Woody Disney costumes are very popular among children.

The new trend among children's films or the book of costumes. Children can be any of Jango Fett and Storm Trooper in Star Wars or Harry Potter. Children always love to wear costumes super heroes like Spiderman, Batman and Power Rangers. And with all the new movies they leave, they are not sure if others are starting to become favorites of children. Children love to wear costumes like Scooby Doo or Thomas the Shadow Ninja tank. Children can dress like Zorro wielding a sword. There also Spongebob, Hulk, Teen Titans and Garfield too. And for the youngest, Tigger and Eeyore costumes are big kids are as cute as comfortable.

Children love a boy dressed in Halloween. Think how much we enjoyed as a child, "cried the issue trick or treat time and again that night magic known as the ghost of Halloween. Even today, there is still a night that is enjoyed by children and adults. You can find Halloween costumes for everyone from baby to adult size, which is a different approach for children. Some people just use any suit to shoot them, are they just want the parties, even in the most ridiculous costume research, further, however, are very demanding and the costume they want. So save yourself the trouble and the guy at plan Halloween costumes, he / she will use, in advance. You Dress your children throughout the Christmas theme costumes like elves, snowmen, toy soldiers, angles and more. They are picture perfect and melt your heart in all security. Choose a costume that the child's clothing is comfortable and can move freely. You do not wear a heavy costume your child can not run, play games or dress that hurts.

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