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☺ How to write a little story that includes 6 of these terms SOUND OF MUSIC?

It's just a good outlet for healthy Creative people on you. Have fun. 1. A religious idiot. 2. A handsome widower 3. ......- Mmm hmmm And have a wonderful time! 4. A classic 5 TRUE. Well, God bless you "As call-his-name." 6. This new weird and wonderful world ... indigestion. 7. Some of my favorite things 8. Bless my homeland forever 9. Meanwhile, goodbye bye ......... Auf Wiedersehen, darling. 10. Ahhhh ....... The age of the wonderful hospitality. (I do this to honor the memory of my precious precious mother.)

"I realize that you'd be right in that? "I asked. She was dressed like a nun beast and reminds me of a zebra with black and white suit." Ah, but never I leave behind a witness "That is I always run away." She said with a smile. She had me at gunpoint. The gun has been unwavering in his hands and directly me. "You just killed my lover and best friend!" I screamed. But I was careful not to surprise. He seemed a little crazy. He ran to the house and began shooting erratically. "Oh, well, God bless you" it's called, then the name. May his soul rest in peace. "She said cynically." These are some of my favorite things, "I said, pointing to certain elements in the house." You can have one of your options, but please leave now! What want from me? "" Oh, why should I go? I like it here. ......- Mmm hmmm And have a wonderful time! "I heard a deranged murderer true classic on earth. "Is this how to have fun? killing here and there for fun?" I asked it to take the cock of her conscience. " You've beaten lady target. Ahhhh ....... Age wonderful entertainment! I can get a lift, a strange emotion to snuff the lives of others. "No more!" "Said a voice from the door. And a shot rang out. He collapsed on the floor like a stuffed panda. My handsome brave knight was a widower who lived next door. I immediately ran to the body fell from my best friend. "So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen ......... bye, baby." I told him I cradled her head against my chest.

Everyone seems to best-kept secret about Part 4 of 5

A path of wisdom

A great way to start is to try to understand things from other perspectives. The questions and answers that we could do was awaiting a response. Of course, many of us do because the exercise will be familiar.

Usually we think of friends, relatives and people who interact on a regular basis. His thinking is easier to determine because of the familiarity of many years. However, despite our intuition Working out with something familiar, there is actually more to gain from exploration inspired by the unknown. New ideas evolve inspiration obtained by using our imagination to converse with people who know nothing, at least not in private. Otherwise, why limit its exercise of intuition and imagination to the conversation with people?

As shown for the many wonderful examples of the animation - the animals, insects, or even inanimate objects can be endowed with strong personalities and to discern their views can provide a unique perspective beyond expectations. In addition to an unlimited supply of characters, we can also imagine that these interactions occur in any environment at all scales, from the microscopic to the macroscopic and everything else.

No matter if our imagination produces determinations precise form of the thought of others. What matters is that exercise allows us to examine our own thinking from the point of view. By far the most important consideration when performing these exercises is to never lose consciousness that is our imagination to create a fantasy.

Imagination draws our intuition to extrapolate what we think we know another person is thought, but imagination is still intuitive game. Awareness is particularly important to consider interactions with someone you know. When you contact someone (or something) in his imagination is essential not to lose sight of the fact that the other side of the conversation you follows. Insights from these exercises are very revealing of their own thoughts, but virtually none of the facts themselves.

Losing consciousness self to our imagination, we risk the danger of committing to memory and imagination later mistakenly confused with reality. False memories bias our perceptions of others with our perception of how others perceive us.

Beware trap

Many think it's obvious, even ridiculously obvious, you can always make the difference between fantasy and reality imagined faith. But it sets a dangerous folly of human psychology which many of us succumb to his knowledge.

Because there are things that we do understand trend rely on assumptions to fill in the blanks. Where do these assumptions come from? You guessed it, the assumptions are generated by intuition and imagination, such a time with little real knowledge mixed in the mixture just enough to add flavor to make them credible. From left to simmer for a while without question or research and have a good plate of comfort and taste is convincing, or at least close enough to ignore the difference.

Make a calculation is much easier to supply and facts. Human beings are creatures usual and make lazy assumptions is a habit easy to acquire. As a narcotic, the pleasant satisfaction resulting from the alleged first establishing a viable method to satisfy a need. Respect the need becomes a habit, which Suddenly, a comfortable transition to the addiction that alters our behavior, the more we offer. And true to the drug, he had grown in proportion to our ability to meet the needs.

Over time our ability to decrease its decision as a cascade of detailed inventory to draw assumptions. In the process, what we believe in the fact becomes rational, irrational belief of fiction. Over time, we become so comfortable and familiar with our assumptions we come to perceive reality as it really is a life never lived in the fantasy of self-constructed. We believe that this unfortunate state should be a rare exception but the sad truth is that we all suffer from this disease, the only difference between us is a matter of degree.

I refuse to call this stupidity, but - although we might be closer to the solution of our question that each of us want to admit. How have we reached this state of things, and if he is true, what can be done to repair the damage and find our way without misperception?

Illustration Tools

The brain is an organ that allows us to think the same way the muscles are organs that allow movement. These bodies are nothing without the engine that leads to life. The driving force that makes all things possible, including that of life itself, is personified by the power of thought. Despite the many assumptions made in history to the contrary, the truth is that neither the rigors of science or the blind faith of religion has brought miraculous explains this phenomenon. But we do not know exactly what is power, we know something about your behavior, and if we can learn to use to his advantage.

The brain develops their skills through a very formidable Integrated called neuroplasticity. The muscles react to forces physical. Synaptic plasticity of the brain, at least part of the brain that gives our mental faculties, it is only a constant thought forces from mind. Ego, emotion, creativity, logic, intuition, imagination, all the powers of the mind are the processes of thought that are still in play, every hour of every day. Everything that happens in the mind, whether real or imagined, affects the brain in a large in the same way.

Synaptic plasticity does not know the difference between fantasy and reality, but simply responds our power of thought. The act of thinking itself (or its absence) stimulates neuroplasticity of the brain to restructure in an effort to maintain balance with the forces of thought on it. In essence, this means that for the implementation of our powers of thought, the brain responds by optimizing their mechanisms internal electrochemistry of a precise and articulate to improve channel the forces generated by the mind.

Muscles become stronger when it does. Neuroplasticity imitate this behavior in the brain. For example, the use of our imagination stimulates neuroplasticity improve the brain's ability to channel imagination, which improves our ability to use our imagination. This perpetual cycle of use and improvement is active at birth and continues until our death. Neuroplasticity meets all of the mental activity by improving everything that we use mental faculties, and always in proportion to how we use it vigorously.

Synaptic plasticity is a mechanism integrated response that does not diminish significantly with age. The development of rigid patterns of thought is not a manifestation physical aging, but is entirely a matter of deliberate choice. Whether we realize it or not, we still have full control and we are always free to exercise our control. mental development can take place in an environment thanks.

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