Rayon Embroidery Thread

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What is the best brand polyester embroidery thread for the singer SES2000 Future?

I read about the types of yarn (Polyester, rayon and cotton), polyester and decided it would be best for what I'm going to embroider. All sewing machines have quirks, and this thread so I was wondering if anyone has not been a success (or failure) with specific brands of thread on the Singer Futura SES2000. I just bought one and is on track!

Madeira Robinson-Anton and his son are very good. Poly is a good option if one is lucky enough to be embroidered item is washed with bleach. Ray is in the bleach water. Buy colors basic, then as needed for the project. Cable Kits usually end up with most of the colors are not used -. It's fine for a site http://www.emblibrary.com/EL/elprojects/holder.aspx?page=techniques Tips and techniques

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