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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Real Natural Silk products and information here meets your needs.

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Feng Decoration In plants silk flowers and trees Shui

Wind Feng Shui (pronounced Fung shway), or "water" is an ancient practice China to achieve harmony with the environment through the design and layout of space and placement of objects in their environment. This position is based on belief in balance and harmony between nature and living beings, patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi and the positive and negative (energy).

The purpose of Feng Shui is to achieve harmony, comfort and balance ... for the first time in a environment and, later in life. ornaments and feng shui can greatly improve their environment, make positive changes in life, create prosperity, improving relationships, increasing wealth, the achievement of objectives, provide more energy and better health.

Addition of new items for your home decoration depicting the life, whether with plants, flowers or trees, helps to create an atmosphere relaxed and calm.

If you dare not use real flowers or plants for maintenance involved, consider finely wrought plants artificial silk flowers and silk trees The Garden of silk. They never need water, they are messy and still look great.

"Many people avoid using plants that live in its decoration, citing his lack of success of a green thumb for plants healthy and the dead. For these people, I recommend the use of life or of research Live plants, artificial, "says Joyce Hyde, feng shui consultant." Attractive, good quality silk plants are available in a wide variety Style ... its beautiful green color that symbolizes life, growth and health can transform a dull space, bleak in a warm and welcoming one. "

Feng Shui Decorating Tips

In Feng Shui, the different plants, flowers and trees have different effects, depending its overall shape, the shape of their leaves and flowers and colors. By incorporating feng shui into your decorating scheme, consider the following suggestions be feng shui.

1. relaxation rooms and rest as bedrooms, bathrooms or meditation, should not include plants with thorns, spines or sharp leaves. Avoid cactus, dracaena, bromeliads or agave. In contrast, plants use as Schefflera round leaves, Monstera, Calathea plants or jade.
2. The plants with prickly leaves and hard work and upward growth in areas that are used for stimulation, as kitchen, living room or office. Consider using cacti, palms, yuccas or dracaena.
3. Place plants with sheets of dense foliage and round in front of any What part protruding.
4. High palm leaves spread long before the interior corners.
5. He has a long hallway in your home or office? Other leafy plants of each side.
6. Choose an arrangement of silk flowers in purple to add more passion in your life, an array of red or pink color to add excitement, romance and a white floral arrangement to increase stability.
7. A factory silver or jade, with round leaves and thick, provides a positive energy, wealth and improving finances. Lilies are a symbol of wealth and positive energy.
8. Chrysanthemums bring laughter, happiness and harmony with environment.
9. hanging plants are ideal for moving energy in a room.
10. Top Plants green foliage such as ferns and grasses, increase vitality and freshness.
11. Red or purple orchids help revive a sexual life dormant.
12. Dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums enhance romance and finance.
13. red tulips and roses to enhance romance, tulips Pink pleasure and motivation are increased white tulips.
14. bushy plants with rounded leaves are soothing.
15. Camino or any other sheet of philodendron plant rounded corners on tables or shelves.
16. Bamboo symbolizes positive energy and good fortune.
17. The plants most popular feng shui and flowers include bamboo, ficus, palms, dracaena, money plants, hanging baskets, peonies, chrysanthemums and lilies.

When the silk flowers option, plants Trees for Feng Shui, be sure to purchase high quality flowers, plants and trees silk silk silk available.

target = "_blank"> The Silk Garden offers beautifully realistic, outstanding quality, designer silk arrangements flowers, silk tropical flowers and orchids, silk plants trees silk and artificial silk garlands demanding lovers of plants and especially those who simply want a natural beauty to enhance your decor. Designed with attention to detail, our silk flowers, artificial plants, silk trees and garlands of silk seem so authentic, you do not believe they are not!

Feng Shui Font

Fuentes, and the sounds of running water, energy depleted? Scientific evidence has shown that the sound of water helps to relax, breathe deeply, relieves depression, relieves stress, increases our energy and can actually improve the quality of life.

The RSS feeds are an easy way to incorporate the soothing sounds and benefits of water flowing in your life. Close your eyes, concentrate on the sounds of the water and drown noise and distracting thoughts. What better way to center yourself, focus and help relieve the daily stress at home or at work.

Not only water sources and also has a relaxing home or office, they bring a positive energy in your life and are very beneficial for health, financial life, romance and relationships.

Buy a water source Garden Silk Board sources, wall fountains, inside or external sources for its relaxed atmosphere, positive mood.

Feng Shui Decoration Mobile

Wind Chimes with pleasant sounds are very popular Feng Shui elements. They dispel the negative energy and attract energy new and positive to promote health and harmony, the increased popularity and objective realization and protection of a house or business against intruders.

Wind Chimes tools are very relaxing and peaceful tranquility, provide quiet background noise. There no evidence that these soft sounds of wind that can improve the health and well-being. Wind chimes are also very reassuring, gentle sounds calm the spirit disturbed or soul.

Wind chimes are very popular accessory options inside and outside. When you add wind chimes your porch or patio, hanging from a tree branch, ceiling beams, roof or other area where the wind moves adds a new dimension to your space. The sound of metal, wood or bamboo chimes adds a serene atmosphere with soft sounds.

Improve your life with a selection of wind chimes Silk Garden in Chimes.htm.


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The Silk Garden offers beautifully realistic, exceptional quality, designer silk flowers and arrangements, silk plants, silk trees and silk wreaths for discerning and particular plant enthusiasts or for those who simply want some of nature's beauty to enhance their decor. Created with particular attention paid to detail, our silk flowers and foliage look so authentic, you won't believe they're not!

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