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Do stars like red green and yellow?

I saw the stars and saw that there appeared to be red, green and yellow flashing on it. It really was a plane, but after watching for about 10 minutes, not move. It is in the atmosphere are changing color or something? I had to do with my telescope to see colors flashing.

Normally stars vary in color from red to orange, yellow, white, blue. Not green. blink What you describe is called or wink. With two or three brightest stars, turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere can cause flashes of color, including red, green, white and blue. These are not the colors of the star itself, but the colors of the spectrum stars scattered by the atmosphere. It is observed more frequently with Sirius, but also with Vega and Capella.

Go green with LED lights in their homes and gardens

History and presentation of lighting equipment LED

LEDA € ™ s have been with us since the 60s, but most have been relegated to a time clock or the battery level a video camera. Its use as a source of lighting was a challenge for scientists. Light Emitting Diodes or LED lighting stand light sources in the form of producing light. In incandescent bulbs, a tungsten filament is heated by electric current to it illuminates or radiates light. In a fluorescent lamp, an electric arc excites mercury atoms, which emit ultraviolet (UV). After the collision with the phosphor layer in the glass tubes, UV radiation is converted and emitted as visible light. In addition, LEDA € ™ s LEDs are made of semiconductor materials. That is why we are known as â € € œsolid state devices and depends nitride gallium indium to convert electricity into photons using direct current (DC) instead of alternating current (AC) No other lights on the principle objects such as semiconductor solid state, but the lights are most relevant for general lighting. It consists of a smart material Semiconductor treated to create an electrical circuit. An LED is usually a small area source, often with extra optics added the chip that shapes its radiation pattern. The long wavelength or specific color emitted by the LED depends on the materials used for the diode. It depends on the composition and state of the semiconductor material used, and can be infrared, visible, ultraviolet or nearby. LEDA € ™ s network is based on aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs). Blue LEDA € ™ s are made from gallium nitride Indian (InGaN) and green gallium aluminum phosphide (AlGaP). "White" light is created by combining the light from red, green and blue (RGB) LEDA € ™ s, or by coating a blue LED with yellow phosphor. Based LED still developing, but is expected to change radically habits of energy consumption the world over the years to come. Like many Thereâ € ™ sa great resource dedicated the improvement of LED technology in the world. United States is engaged in a unusually high amount of support for enterprise policy LED research and development. Asia is a hotbed of manufacturing technology forefront in Europe and Canada have been pioneers in energy effective initiatives accompanied by some of the few styles of the most innovative design can be found anywhere.

Benefits and drawbacks of LED lighting

They have an extremely low power consumption. LEDs consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs normal, which has much more advantages than you might suppose. operating costs of the first power are reduced, not only reducing demand placed on your home energy consumption, but they feel good knowing that you're saving energy and becoming green, the factor warming. In the same vein, another major advantage of LEDs is that you can connect multiple sets of LEDs on a single set of plug or output, several sets that LED lights, not due to low energy consumption. This is not only concrete results in the need for fewer points of sale, but you can be fired over multiple drilling area with some of its walls. Imagine a string of lights, turn ½ mile along a single hole. Leda € ™ s can be used more light than ever before and save money. While the draw of energy Leda is small € ™ show much more could be suspended from one another until the list is changed to UL standard plug connected effects of light, it is prudent to comply with existing regulations on risk management. Since LED energy Nâ € ™ t containing materials are very effective hunger, converting energy into light, without heat or light LEDA € ™ s done. These are intrinsically safe and are generally cool to the touch. LEDA € ™ s lights can provide 50,000 + hours of life, which can reduce significant maintenance costs and time. This means that, assuming an average of twelve hours at night, you do not need to change your lights, LED after a good year eleventh. In comparison, an incandescent bulb lasts about 1000 hours. Staining were assessed in 10,000 hours under ideal conditions. Parallel to this are incredibly bright LED 3 times brighter than conventional bulbs, which is ideal for a wide range of situations, providing far greater impact and appeal that has been traditional bulbs. The problem known to replace blown and disadvantages and the appearance of unwanted multiple homes is not a problem with LEDs. With a lamp life time, you can be sure of a fully functioning set of lights, you can be happy outside of the left that does not require routine maintenance and minimal care. Others cite the longevity of LED Leda € ™ s are made in one piece, no glass or filaments to break. Thus, these lights are resistant to shock and vibration, making them more sustainable LED bulbs that do not. They also have a better quality of output of ultraviolet light, as they have a minimum and infrared radiation. LEDs have a freedom design much more flexibility in terms of colors, including many â € € € œwhitesâ "without the use of filters, fully controlled, the factors with the new device designs that give us many options for research. Finally, the most important benefits is if you know the Environment LEDA SA € ™ difference in fluorescent lamps and mercury vapor containing mercury, a hazardous waste to the environment and must be eliminated correctly, Leda € ™ s donâ € ™ t contain mercury and are not considered hazardous waste designated environmentally.

href = "Http: / /"> Buying Guide LED lighting

LEDs have begun flooding the market but before buying to see what you are looking for. LEDs first began to be used in commercial settings, such as entertainment, theaters, etc. In addition, LEDs are already the best light source for fires movement, the rear lights of the vehicle, emergency lights and flashlights. Increasingly Today Home LED lighting LED wall as an accent, task, landscape and even the LED lighting exterior lighting such as LED garden Polo came on the market. After choosing the type of LED lighting, check prices on the shop Different online. The price is a difficult thing for consistently since most companies set the retail price line type and are ready accept your call to negotiate bulk purchases. Your best bet is to have a specific type of LED lighting in mind and browse LED light through different store. Check what guarantees the shop gives selected in terms of period lamp life and durability of LEDs. The light output decreases over time so that at some point, when the lamp is lit technically does not provide the same effect, as expected initially. Market store owner pitching life seems to claim too high, while the LED honest opt for store numbers lower. A reasonable life for most LEDA ™ € s seen on the market is about 50,000 hours, but if more is to see what type of security and the return policy is in place if demand is not fulfilled by the seller.
As one can see LED lighting has many advantages over other types of lighting that will eventually common usage. A more widespread use could lead to energy savings and major revolution in how we think about lighting. And for us at home would be part of this revolution, would you participate?

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