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Help! I need to find 5 / 8 "grosgrain ribbon orange cheerleading hairbows bows.?

I need an orange red rainbow of the girls they like, but not UT orange-red color. If anyone knows a link for this please let me know. Offray Shiff and I tried but UT orange. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried white ribbon dyed to match the color you need? When I can not find something the right color is what I do. Also you can try some of the companies that sell and ship the order or Herrschnerrs Mary Maxim.

No Slippy Hair Clippy - The perfect accessory hair!

This just in! Pure and honest children now have new styles in the infamous "No Slippy Hair Clippy" loops for your baby girls!

In the new, rich fall colors like brown, blue, amethyst, black, red and many others, is the perfect accessory to go with your wardrobe new child fall.

No Slippy Hair Clippy that is housed in the hair of your child, no matter how the baby is! Designed to stay in place, are a magnet for a tightening of the closure, are covered with velvety, remain in the hair of her baby and are handmade in the United States, ensuring the best quality hair Slippy Hair Clippy bows.No bows come in many colors and styles.

Check some of our favorites below. Prices range from $ 7.00 to $ 10.00, depending on the style

Clip Orange Porter
$ 8.00

Perfect so adorable Halloween costume! A little nervous in orange, but in a sweet little angel of flowers a clip in velvet. Measures 2 "in diameter.

Princess Whitney arc dark brown
$ 8.00

In a delicious chocolate, this arc is a great Neutral goes with almost everything in your closet! Just Coffee Princess Arch Slippy Hair Clippy n Whitney is made of soft, high quality grosgrain ribbon. Measuring 3.5 inches wide.

Felicia Clip in Jewel Liming
$ 10.00

What a fun hair accessory fun girl! Made from quality materials, clip ends perfectly with the jewels Felicia lime. Measures 2 "in diameter.

Porter Play Clip
$ 8.00

Rash and beautiful, this little clip is sure to look at his dear sweet lady! A simple flower purple amethyst hook fits perfectly in a clip in velvet. Measures 2 " diameter.

Cream Bow Princess Whitney
$ 8.00

classic cream! A party to both the simple cream-colored princess Whitney Arch Slippy Hair Clippy is not made of soft, high quality grosgrain ribbon. Measuring 3.5 inches wide.

With daylights savings time affect the whole pure and honest kids everywhere to stay out to play longer at night! What better way to enjoy the last hours of the day of your own swing All Is Well around trees!

These changes in style ancient tree have been designed with care and love outside the family in your garden for all ages. The changes will not only promote the well-being and enjoyment, but to bring art to your living space functional outdoor patio. The swing can be hung in many places: trees, porch, patio or frame.

Rotonda-tree changes from 17 ½ to ¾ diameter and thick and made of durable, weather resistant wood painted. Change tree come into colorful designs delight kids in your life!

Check out these pajamas pajamas New! Each time your child enters your pajamas new color models of fruits and vegetables come to life, not to mention your child about things that are good for them!

New pajamas are made of 100% organic cotton natural. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are safely in bed with only the finest fibers in the skin.

Honest Kids carries the pure apple bananas, peas, carrots and pajamas for toddlers! Each set of pajamas come with a book, "The fruits and vegetables," "Count my fruits and vegetables," or "New Pajama Story Land" (age appropriate according to the size of pajamas) and a gift bag for their New pajamas pajamas, perfect for travel. It Just put your pajamas in your bag and go!

Visions of apples, bananas, peas and carrots danced in the heads of their children!

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No Slippy Hair Clippy
is the ultimate little girl's hair clip. Don't you get tired of re-doing her hair? Check out Pure and Honest Kids for the
No Slippy Hair Clippy


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