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Is it because you love happy or excited because he is awake?

Every time we kiss your heart race and your face turns red, do not know if happy in love or Horney excited. He holds me and tells me with a soft voice like around me and it's nice. And, of course, later I can see his emotion, if you know what I mean.

Love takes time to develop and maintain ... Meanwhile, let nature take its course!

Pink or Red Wedding Invitations - What they say about you?

From soft and sweet, bold and dramatic color on the theme Marriage to say a lot about you and your future spouse to your wedding guests. For generations, brides have chosen two colors - red and pink - Represent love, tenderness and emotion of your wedding day. Check out this selection of wedding invitations red rose ceremony inviting you said.


No Red wedding invitations are only for weddings and ceremonies of Christmas Day Valentine's Day. In fact, this color can say so much a girlfriend. What you say?

You are elegant - metal, ivory or white plate invites a shade of red or printed with red text evokes timeless style, making it a perfect choice for weddings or harvest ceremonies. Use of the wedding stationery with red and your guests will wait for a connection with class and dignity.

You're passionate - That the excitement of finding the true soulmate after years of research, or burning of a first love, the wedding invitations send red passion that you and your spouse feel towards each other. A solid colored paper is perfect for giving guests a glimpse of the intensity of his love. If stationery is too red to your taste, consider adding the outline of a red heart on the role invitation classic white or ivory.

You are in bold - no color says "Look!" enough as red. Even if you do not normally an "I" of personality, it's your wedding day, so do not be shy to attract attention. Invites incorporating bold colors make a clear statement that this is your day.

Are you happy - Red, but it was the color joy in China. No wonder, then, that Chinese families tend to use bright colors in the wedding ceremonies. You do not of Chinese origin, however, happiness in the world.


This combination of innocence and the passion of red is a white day color perfect wedding. The use of pink wedding invitations, and you can get these impressions:

You are romantic - Lush Pink Invitations You can get married in the romance of their relationship. While Rose is adapted to any loving relationship, soft tones of this color are particularly suitable Union of ceremonies for the children or their boyfriend loves first.

You are women - that women often want - and often expected - to do everything to destroy the glass ceiling to raise their children to become productive members of society. Sometimes, if a girl just want to be a girl. stationery marriage that uses color girly are the perfect way to start one of the most feminine and formal in his life. Go all documents pink to be more subtle, incorporating delicate pink ribbon border or in a neutral role.

You're Fat - While roses are beautiful dolls for some, some brides prefer to make a statement with roses invites. Yes, pink wedding invitations can say: "Look!" Too. Use borders or ribbons bright hot fuchsia to attract the attention of your guests. You can also combine these pop invites louder subtle tones pink tones.

Get the best of both worlds

Do not fully search engine box wedding invitations wedding invitations pure red or pink. Choose to integrate colors, and suddenly, you find the same passion, daring, feminine and romantic.

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