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a great little gift for my boyfriend?

Well, her birthday is in a month ... I've been planning this ... some time! This I will do is put their talent in a Kinder Surprise Egg ... you know, Little Egg capsule Plastigi to go! then I will build a paper mache heart around the egg (which I've painted in red) ... and a week later, after I give, I say I will die! Now the problem is ... What should I write in this egg? as if a girl is easy ... a necklace w / e, but man! rather, never wear necklaces ... So what should I put in it? What is the form?

It can be difficult ............... u could give money or a watch or something. But, wow u left me speechless about it. Good luck, hope u understand

Ruby Super Magnificent

"Nobody has found the value of the jewels of the heart, and its value can not be upheld."

- Sri Guru Granth Sahib quotes.

The Roman historian Pliny, in his own words, "precious stones ... surpassing all other precious stones in virtue. "Ruby is considered as a high value on each centuries.

Classified as corundum, ruby is a red variety among their brethren, the sapphire. Your fiery red color has been a catalyst to elicit passionate feelings in the heart. Similarly, this stone has also been linked to heart purple or red.

10, 000 years or maybe more, has been mining rubies. The story says, The gem was very well received by the kings of the truth. Ancient Hindus believed, red ruby which is due to the fire that burns in the stone. They said that if put in the water, Ruby could start the boiling point of water.

Greek confidence in the fervor of rubies could melt the wax. Other cultures as a symbol of monitoring to ensure the love and passion. Aid for gemstone friendship was trusted for beauty. The kings and queens in the past, honored this fabulous jewelry ruby stone. It was composed of rings Ruby earrings with elegant designs of other cultures.

Tucked away in deep, ruby is operated in Thailand named sources, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Russia.

Ruby is sought long after a person. Today, in July's birthstone, is a brilliant stone with a Mohs hardness scale of 9. A variety of colors available in red.

Ruby, as in Mogok is considered the most beautiful jewels. It should be noted that the popularity and price This stone is particularly brilliant in its beauty, to say the color, clarity and cut. larger stones are more convenient and demanded. However, small wonders of ruby with great color, it can still boast relatively similar prices.

Ruby shows a purple-red-yellow-red blush. The finest specimens are red with the pure blue, as evidenced by the coal or traffic lights. Mogok Ruby is also very much sought after and expensive pigeon blood jewel tones. Ruby Tanzania is generally a shade of saturation to opaque. They are usually zoisite in green and is also used as beads.

Ruby red raspberry is the shadow in Sri Lanka. Thai Ruby quality reflects a dark purple red eye with a clean condition.

There are rubies with inclusions of rutile. However, when rutile inclusions are somewhat of a star or asterism is called star rubies. These stones come including six research, Sharp, silvery white lines that extend up end.

scarcity of cat's eye is also seen as rubies. For Like other gemstones, the ruby is judged by its color, clarity and carat. There are many more advanced techniques to improve treatments or color stone. In addition, to make fraudulent or counterfeit items as well.

Ruby and gems in bulk are also a form of stable investment, the owner can survive and stay with long generations, if you take care and caution.

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