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Revolution Mini

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much of the revolution for use in a Rabbit, Mini Lop?

I bought kitten dose of the Revolution (5 £ 15).. How can I use in rabbits? It weighs about 5-6 kg. and the other weighs about 3.5 lbs.

I heard about the revolution, it is recommended for rabbits before, but you really need to consult with your veterinarian about it.

Fresh market Wednesday was new smartphone T-Mobile G1. A new phone to say the least, the G1 features Google's first attempt a cellular telephone system operating, then the android. Built by HTC, and assistance with the design of Google, G1 features full capabilities of 3G T-Mobile scattered but growing 3G network.

The good:
This is not a brick first, but not as elegant as the iPhone. Despite its size, is still very compact and relatively light, especially given the built in QWERTY keyboard track inside the phone. HTC and Google could have easily changed the design of simply touching the screen and in turn reduces size dramatically, but where's the fun in that? It was only a clone of the iPhone.

The system Android. By far one of best phone systems operating that I encountered. What is really useful is the menu bar phone that can be done Skip top of the screen in any application (except for some games). Give the check messages, review of missed, and all general notifications incredibly easy and efficient.

Although not fully accepted, however, can be very powerful in the G1 and future market would run with the Android operating system in an editor and the release of their software for public sharing. Software as a scanner bar code, a spider music, a cartographer and are now available. The possibility that any developer could create software create a large number of applications for your phone and make it possible interest for unlimited use.

By far one of features the largest and most attractive would be integrated into the keyboard. Its operation is terribly sensitive and easy to use. The buttons are slightly beveled so that you can be on each key, but not significantly excel.

YouTube integration is phenomenal. For an operating system designed by Google, you can expect the G1 YouTube application is superior. The videos are in different order categories and is very easy to find.

For what its worth, the G1 will not be disappointed but not surprised either. Generally solid and a great jump to the Google Android - some settings for the next version and a new "gold standard can be established.

The Bad:
Everything First, the G1 is an iPhone killer. Although very impressive, the G1 has to correct some major setbacks before starting to pinch the pockets of Apple. Firstly, and probably the most notable is the rotating screen rattlesnakes. It is a bit unstable, and makes a little squeak when pressed down. No big deal, but something that should have been resolved. Then, the design is somewhat doubtful. She has not the elegance of the iPhone and chin "strange" at the bottom. The G1 also lacks multi-touch, again, if not the largest supply, its price and design, these things would been included in the package. Little things also affect G1 - things like not having a fleet of software keyboard touch screen and the inability to record video. Finally, the media needs renewal. Music and the Media Player needs a good kick that actions are not good. He also to be a headphone jack, USB port not primitive. It's pretty ridiculous, the HTC, the manufacturer of many other smart phones of all those with a connector standard headphones may decide to withdraw their biggest launch to date.

That all said, the G1 is similar to the iPhone when they Initial Release. It was still fairly strong, but customers still had their complaints. But after a review and assessment of issues, they did even better, namely iPhone 3G and refined today. If T-Mobile, Google and HTC knows anything about the perpetuation of their markets, launching a second edition the G1 too. The name is ironic G1 provides the perfect name for future models. My guess is that the next to be called the G2 "" G3 " and so on.

Hopes are high for the G1. The Android operating system proves to be surprisingly easy to use and easy to use. This is not the iPhone killer at the time, but if T-Mobile, Google and HTC launched a refined version, Apple and AT & T should be watching their backs.

So, if Google, HTC or T-Mobile never come to read what follows is the minimum of changes to the G1.

1. Set the screen scraping - The sound makes you feel a little cheap.
2. Takes helmet please!
3. A little more action would be nice memory. 1 gigabyte is just not cut these days.
4. Multi-Touch. Follow the steps to here and you are tied in terms of material compared to Apple.
5. More elegant and gentle. Get rid of the chin of the "protruding from the bottom. Was it really necessary?
6. Add some better software for playing music not to mention the best camera software also.
7. Expand 3G coverage. (T-Mobile, if you sell more of these, you need to build towers that support all the features of 3G.)

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