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Rhinestone Applicators patch?

I am interested in buying a rhinestone hot fix applicator and I'm trying to decide between professionals and Touch Pro jewel Kandi. Does anyone have an opinion on one or both? So if anyone has used Preciosa crystals are also "good", as Swarovski? Thank you very much for the tips!

Nothing is as beautiful as sworovski. I like Kandi. I had one in the collage and it worked like a dream. you can see something I did in this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_khg572hm6sQ/SKBj1I3AivI/AAAAAAAAABI/6Ab3uZpH6Pc/s1600-h/Short+Blue+Corset.jpg prohect was used to school.i sworovski. I have 6 things like that. Kandi was the great love that comes with different head size

Creating unique designs with rhinestones

Decades ago, people are simply following the latest trends in fashion. They wear the clothes that we often see in magazines, apparently thriving in the same clothes shopping. For this reason, you'll see more and more in a street wearing the same clothes. It was an unfortunate situation, because they were not able to express their individuality through fashion.

Fortunately, there are now several products to help fans of fashion designs that you see an I-am-alone statement. This was possible thanks to small ornaments can be purchased separately as Swarovski flat stones back.

Utilizing flat back stones can immediately integrate brilliant design of your choice on a topic. This includes the fabric, wood, leather, and more. Swarovski flat back can be placed immediately on these items using a special glue. This contributes to the decoration in place so that does not come off with rhinestones, while the theme is in use with accessories. Of course, back to the apartment rhinestone clothing, pants, jackets and the boost it needs to bring out the rest.

On the other hand, if you need something that certainly adhere to your personalized items, have the possibility of Swarovski crystals, but heated Fix. These crystals, so you can serve in different colors. Unlike the flat back rhinestones, hot fix crystals Swarovski on clothes can be satisfied by using heat. The Swarovski hot review is most durable adhesion against a stone back flat. Instead of using glue, you need a small stove to keep the baguette rhinestones in place. And because the heat may harm children who will use the stick, adults should be there to supervise children. The patch can easily stick Swarovski crystals on clothes as soon as the glue has cooled.

Using one of Swarovski crystals or rhinestones hot fix flat back, you can easily make a shirt that is branded as if it came a famous designer. No need to give the high amount of its budget for their fashion needs. Everything you need to do is buy a game some of these Swarovski crystals for the link. Otherwise, you must do your imagination and creativity to the work you can make a model or drawing is really different from the rest.

Express your individuality and be unique with your back flat stones and Swarovski crystals fix. Be a star wherever it is that you add sparks of color in clothing, accessories and more for very low prices.

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