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Is there any way to get an iron-on transfer off a shirt?

I used the kind that has little rhinestones that spell "bride" on it and now I want to just use the plain shirt. Any ideas??

i would suggest peeling off WHAT YOU COULD,
then soaking it in a chemical like Oxi-Clean, in very, very hot water.

then peel the rest off, if that works-- congrats !

Handbag Organizer Options That Are Practical and Unique

There’s no way around it: handbags have become a carryall for all sorts of objects, from wallets, makeup, tablets and pens to children’s toys, snacks, and receipts. Open an average purse and you’d be surprised at what you might find. With so many purposes to serve at any given time, keeping the contents of a purse organized and easily accessible is essential.

But no matter how many times you empty your purse, cull out unnecessary items, and then repack your purse, without a real organizational system in place, it’s not long before chaos once again reigns supreme, and you find yourself fruitlessly searching for an item that seems to have been swallowed up by the mess within.

Searching your handbag for an item you “know” is in there is frustrating, but it is also a huge time-waster. And in certain cases, like misplaced medications for example, a lack of organization can have more serious results. Fortunately, there are a number of purse organizing products on the market today that can keep your purse tidy and organized, and keep you focused, on track, and on time. And what’s even better, many of these products are designed with your specific lifestyle and needs in mind, meaning you can keep your purse organized in a way that suits your unique needs.

Ideal for average-sized purses, the Classic Transfer Bag offers a satin-lined built-in cosmetic bag with a zipper closure highlighted by stylish rhinestones. The wraparound handle is detachable and extendable, making this design extremely versatile no matter what type of bag you are carrying. Interior pockets are elasticized, and keep cell phones, pens, business cards and other items securely stowed. Combine all of these features with a convenient loop to hold your keys, and you’re set.

Looking for something with even more room? The Big Timer Transfer Bag is a great choice, especially if you favor tote bags or other large bags, and is also an ideal complement for your briefcase or attaché. This transfer bag is a perfect choice for the businesswoman on the go, featuring a detachable shoulder strap that allows you to carry the bag as a separate purse when you leave the office. Offered in various colors and sporting a stylish dragonfly motif, these transfer bags are stylish enough to compete with even the most expensive handbags, and can keep you functioning smoothly throughout your work day.

Both the Classic Transfer Bag and the Big Timer Transfer Bag are also offered with a convenient built-in handle option, making it even easier to grab your bag and swap it out into a new bag. You can also use the handle to carry your transfer bag as a purse on its own, a great option when you’re using a briefcase or tote bag during the day and want the option of using a smaller bag for certain occasions.

Mommies have more than just their own needs to consider when toting a purse or handbag. Ask any mom and there’s a good chance that at some time her bag ahs held toys, children’s books, moist wipes, snacks, drink pouches and a whole host of other items to keep her children happy and content. Both the Classic Mommy Transfer Bag and the Big Timer Mommy Transfer Bag keep moms organized and in control. Offered in friendly, bold stripes, these bags keep your items clearly separated from your children’s items, allowing you to make a quick switch from diaper bag to briefcase to purse to gym bag and back without missing a beat.

The Classic Mommy Transfer Bag and the Big Timer Mommy Transfer Bag feature a zippered, fully-lined cosmetic bag and elasticized interior pockets to securely hold checkbook, wallet and other items, as well as roomy, flat pockets on the bag’s exterior, ideal for stowing papers and receipts. The Classic Mommy Transfer Bag measures 9.5 inches wide by 6 inches high, while the Big Timer Mommy Bag measures 10 inches wide by 8 inches high.

Even tiny purses get the organizational treatment with the Teenie Transfer Bag. Measuring a compact 8 inches high by 8.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep, this organizer is a great choice for today’s smaller bags, as well as some evening bags. And you can also use it as a separate unit to keep items close at hand in the pockets of gym bags and larger tote bags.

Just because these bags are tiny does not mean they don’t pack a big organizational punch. Featuring a satin-lined built-in cosmetic bag with zipper closure and two pockets, as well as a surprisingly spacious interior with four elastic pockets and convenient key loop, these bags are offered in a choice of colors and also boast design embellishments, like rhinestone accents and embossed fabrics.

Life can be full of little hassles and headaches. Transfer bags are one way to iron out some of life’s wrinkles and keep you more organized and calm, ready to face just about any challenge life decides to throw your way.

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