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Holiday Party Activites for Teens?

ok i'm 14 and i'm having a holiday party the day after christmas and i don't know what activities to do. We decided not to do a secret santa/white elephant. All i have so far is decorating cookies and my friends are 13-14--only girls. So please help with ideas and no rude comments please and thank you!

Go to your local Arts and Crafts store and purchase plain white aprons, and different colored fabric paint. Have each guest take the fabric paint and write their names on top of their apron with a few decorations (rhinestones and the like). Have each guest wear their apron while they bake and decorate their cookies. You can place the cookies in a great cookie tin that you can get from the craft store and add some of your own homemade brownies or mini-cheesecakes, and use that as your party favors.

Perhaps you could watch some movies and after you could head for the "Sundae Bar". Set out some vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, etc. Each guest can make their own sundae and you can have that for dessert.

For another activity, why not decorate your own ornaments? At the craft store they have a section with nothing but ready-to-decorate ornaments, like clear glass balls, ceramic clay ornaments and wooden ornaments. For the clear glass balls, you will need special glass paint and for the others you can use acrylic paint -- all of which is about 50 cents a bottle. Grab some cheap craft brushes from Wal-Mart (make sure you have lots of different sizes, especially small brushes for details) and let your guest decorate their hearts out.

There are also so many elderly people and sick children in hospitals in your area that would love a little Christmas cheer from you and your friends. Maybe you and your friends could create your own Christmas/Holiday Cards and distribute them to your local nursing home or pediatric floor in a hospital. Just go to the scrapbooking section of your local crafts store and get some beautiful paper. Go online for some suggestions on how to make homemade cards. Just fill your card with kind words and a wish for a happy holiday and you are all set.

Have a great party!

It all

Looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life? If you have ideas and can t 'is nothing to buy, this article will help you find something just for her.

Fortunately, women have the reputation of being easier to shop for men. Jewelry is always welcome. You can find unique gifts in an antique store and vintage jewelry is highly fashionable. Consider buying a wristband Italian charm, new fashion jewelry. Italian charm bracelets are not like the charm bracelets, pendants popular in the 1950s and 60s. These bracelets elegant covered by the add-on segments that can be characterized by a wide variety of designs. Some are filled with stones, others are covered by enamel miniatures, and come all the metals in stainless steel 18 karat gold for all budgets.

For relationship serious, diamonds are always appropriate, and a number of small earrings 1 / 4 carat only costs a few hundred dollars, while its light will accentuate any outfit. If you don 't know how to judge the quality of diamonds (there are short courses for beginners line) to join a reputable local jewelry so you are assured of a point of high quality. Not all diamonds are created equal, as some are gray or yellow and comes with particles that affect its appearance and value. S Learn about diamonds before buying four C 'to ensure that make a good deal.

of online auction sites are good places to collect jewelry and other gifts. Ebay is the most popular place, but there are smaller sites where you can get a good deal.

If the lady you buy for a hobby or a collection, try to find something that adds. For example, a collector of dolls would be a limited edition Barbie. The Bird watchers will enjoy a day complete, and perhaps a picnic near a bird sanctuary. Laptop owners can still use memories or photos of small cars special. If your lady loves books, looking for a company or limited edition.

Many women enjoy the art, so search for an original answer to your decor. She thinks of you every time you see him.

If you know your size and your taste buy Interesting article of clothing. It does not be as intimate as underwear, as long as you completely avoid utilitarian objects such as socks (this vile old Christmas standard). Try a striped sweater or gloves Handknit mild cold days of winter.

And don 't forget the love of your life more - your pet. People who are pet owners consider them part of the family, and we always appreciate the gifts for them. Try a custom or set with diamonds imitation collar for the dog, or a bit of gourmet foods for your cat cat. Dog licenses grooming make a great gift and save the time spent cleaning, brushing, and cutting the nails of your pets. If a cat or a dog show in city, tickets for both.

If you can cook, make a romantic dinner complete with wine and candles. Everyone likes to be in poor state and serve. luxury food hampers and snacks are gifts suitable for everyone.

Last but not least, don 't forget the flowers! A dozen Roses are always romantic, and a bouquet tropical delight your home for several days. Or buy a nice potted plant, which lasts longer.

Whatever you do, make sure your gift shows thought and consideration to their tastes. If possible, Don 't buy a good gift for anyone that generic. After all, it 's what counts, and wants to show that you feel is special and worth the extra.

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