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I can design my own wedding invitations .... models?

Where I can get / purchase online or decorative patterns .. as Paisley or tapes ... nothing to embellish?

You should go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They have all sorts of craft materials for these projects!

Wedding Decoration

Your wedding is undoubtedly more special by the look and feel of the place of the wedding and reception. No marriage would be without the special issue of color, decorative accessories and other preparations for the wedding. Today, most marriages are elements listed. Some marriages go through their color their favorite themes, and some even have your favorite movie theme. A couple decided to make a garden wedding and dressed as characters from Lord of the Rings to create your dream wedding. Well, it all boils down to how they decorate the place of wedding and reception.

You should check the lighting of the place of marriage, either at church or elsewhere, before decorating, because the lighting can affect or influence the way you decorate the scene. It is best if you take pictures the place for you to consult the people who will be responsible for the decoration of what to do and where those spaces in the region.

In addition, you should talk to church officials or administrators about their plans for the decoration of whether limitations or restrictions on the decoration of the church. Clear that the first church officials so that there will be no problem, it is the decoration and preparation time.

It is best to choose a color to unify the wedding ceremony. This will determine the color palette to use for party dresses, flowers to be used as accent, color, draperies, lace, ribbons and the like, the church and decorations reception, etc.

Use flowers to enhance the entrances to church halls and other premises of the church. Do the same for the area reception. You can also use the flowers as decorations for the wedding table and each table of guests on the site. You can also accentuate the place with plants in pots, especially if you feel like the place very similar to the garden and outdoors.

Ensure that banks are not exposed to conceal and lace curtains or anything that matches the theme of your wedding. Do not forget to fill your guests with misalette and all other printed materials needed for the rites of marriage by the application of these in the seats of the guests. In addition to the red carpet to be traversed by the bride, the flowers and decorations can bring life to the nave and seats. You can also set the candles along the aisle of each bank corridor to inform the bride and give more drama to the rites of marriage.

You must take into account the season of your marriage. Decorating for the big day too, must adapt to the date and time of observance. During the summer, the decorations should be bright and the colors should be refreshing. During the rainy season or cold, and darker shades can be used.

At the reception, you can use balloons after their theme to give a more funky and fun feel to your wedding. Remember decorations used to accentuate your wedding venues. Sure to ask for help from a group of people to take care of wedding decorations.

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