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What to do for May Ball?

I have a black dress - it's this one... http://www.sohos.co.uk/TEMP-DRESSES-Party-Prom-Dresses/Hell-Bunny-Dresses/Hell-Bunny-Matilda-Dress_ct282bd35pd1461.htm

Last year I modified it for prom to be a bit funkier - it had blue ric-rac around the hem and on the bodice and blue ribbon down the front. I wore it with boots. May Ball's a bit more sophisticated than that. But I'm not really very good at sophisticated :')

So basically I need help with how to modify it - if I should at all - and what shoes and stuff to wear with it? I'm really not a girly person, if I could wear a t-shirt and jeans to it I would.

I know it's far too early to be thinking about it to be honest :L

Yeah wear a dress but modify it and be creative 🙂


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