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What kind of glasses to my face FRAM? [I] images?

I have contacts that I have most of the time, but new glasses began shortly and I like being able to carry at times, when the contacts are angry. I have a square face and a kind-ish Court consecutive hits with Bob ... Here are the pictures: Http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/2271/picture417bv4.jpg http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/6449/picture422nn2.jpg really thick frame fashion, but I know that a square frame would not be good ... so that thicker part ovally aligned? What color?

og your avatar looks like you! lol ... well anywho I think it would be hot and rectangular frames to Coler, depends on what type of clothing and the color and style clothing, so that the clothes I would say black or dark red, but light summer clothing, I would say that the peas or scratches or a friend has rainbowish.my rainbowish scratched glass are rectangular and omg I love them! that fn r adorable:)

Interesting Black Black Berry Storm 9500 Mobile

Black Berry 9500 Black Storm is not only the first touchscreen BlackBerry device, But RIM is the first product that has no physical keyboard. For business people, who are the main target of smartphones, which may seem strange. However, to replace that gap, RIM has introduced an innovative new technology called Secure press. Patented by RIM, the technology makes insurance physical screen respond to press a button when pressed. The display also provides the liver, which means you do not feel the difference between a physicist and a virtual screen keyboard. However, we could not ignore the feeling of insecurity I had when I press the touch screen. It seems to be well integrated into the housing body, and pass each pressure. In addition, the first time you hold the phone in my hand, I thought that the device has a major flaw, as the screen is 2 mm less than its frame. A thin layer protects the touch screen, so that the number of prints is limited. The device appears to have been built very solid, it does very well in hand, but is heavier than expected (155 g with battery). All metals, its subject is the main reason the phone is very heavy. However, Storm 9500 is not even a great phone compared with the HTC Touch HD, or the iPhone 3G, and measures 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm.

As mentioned earlier, Black Berry Storm 9500 Black is the first device that has a capacitive touch screen. It measures 3.25 cm and displays 65 000 colors and a resolution of 360x480 pixels. The capacitive touch screen eliminates the need for a stylus, and resistant to scratches. href = "http://www.phoneandbeyond.com/unlocked-phone-BlackBerry-Storm-9500-Black.html"> BlackBerry Storm 9500 includes innovative Claro Black Press, a technology patented by RIM (Research in Motion), which provides feedback of the liver. This screen allows the user to navigate the phone menus, using your fingers, like a computer mouse. To select an item, simply click on the surface of the screen. To start the selected application, simply click on it again. These screens have the ability to adjust the settings screen, click on the dual mode can be used as a method for selecting and navigating the phone menu.

The BlackBerry Storm 9500 pictures 3.2 megapixel camera Black / video features such as autofocus and LED flash. Unfortunately The camera interface is not nearly full. The only way to adjust some settings is to click the menu button after the opening of the camera function. However, the device has some interesting features for the amateur photos: geo-tagging and stabilizer image. The maximum image resolution is 2048x1536 pixels, but can be reduced to save storage space. The only settings camera are other color and image quality. Shooting with the Black Berry Storm 9500 3.2 megapixel room is quite difficult because the preview image on the screen is coated on the bottom with a group that has some adjustments. This makes the photo frame is very difficult. Otherwise I found the image quality quite good. Although this device is not one of the best, the quality of images is certainly above average. The color and contrast look good, while the noise is kept to a decent level. The videos can also be recorded QVGA 30 fps, but the quality is lower than expected, it is recommended to use the smartphone to save videos. Overall I think that Black Berry Storm 9500 includes a camera good enough for a smartphone aimed at a business segment, a camera, I am sure that meet the needs of users of this phone. For more information, visit the href = "www.phoneandbeyond.com http://www.phoneandbeyond.com/>"

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