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Why music magazines like Rolling Stones hate Queen?

All Rolling Stones Albums Review Queen are always negative, say things as they are aspiring to the rock and can not play guitar. Queen is my favorite band and I know this magazine Haw notify you always seem poor.

You can not pass for anything that you told Rolling Stone. This magazine can be better used as a puppy training mat. Seriously, it's the same magazine that launched a journalist refused to write an album a positive review of Hootie & The Blowfish. In addition, an RS Once hates you, never change their minds.

History of Rock Music

Rock, where it all began? Believe it or not a black man who played black music, originally founded the rock music in the mid 50s, this man was Chuck Berry. Rock became popular almost overnight, and was accepted with open arms by the younger generation. This is mainly because the younger generations who were excited by the idea of having music that expressed their spirit of rebellion and desire to promote anti-conformism.

This style of music is far from the modern rock music today has evolved over decades and embarked on a multitude of different genres and sub-genres to create music that is more a lifestyle than entertainment. But If is important that the rock is a form of self expression and the desire maverick remains strong even after so long.

Rock has grown increasingly stronger with idols such as Elvis Presley, this time many of rock and roll black leaving the scene of rock music and its place was a lot of other rockers white with a style of its own institutions.

After the famous Elvis Presley entry, other well known rock idols and bands started to appear everywhere, but something was lost in the melee, rockers started losing sight of the reason that rock and roll became popular First, what is not conformist and rebellious attitude.

During this time rock, pitched nose huge with the younger generation, who had no interest in a mixture of country music, folk and rock music. It was in the fifties and musicians such as Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers, the greatest rock rock music scene.

Just how things were sad, Bob Dylan entered the scene during the war Vietnam and held the hearts and minds of many young people of the time with his Songs of the Vietnam War and civil rights. At that time, the Beach Boys changed the rock scene with their new style of rock.

California had its own unique version of rock and roll, which contained very sophisticated and harmonies voice, this style of rock music has been a change of empathy screaming which was introduced first by black musicians in the mid 50s.

In the sixties, Britain took on a new rock and created a rage with bands like the Rolling Stones and the Animals. Meanwhile, the birds Yard has also debuted and although they have been in the shadow of the winding Stones, who were actually the beginning of something great, the musicians of this group were then to revolutionize rock music again.

However, it was the birth of the Beatles who created a worldwide mania and the beginning of rock music as a company is actually born. After the Beatles, the second generation of rockers were the Kinks and the Who of the rock, which changed music forever with their mechanically amplified guitars and songs dedicated to the young men 60 angry frustrated

The seventies saw the death of Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison and the Doors, and rock music cooled. New groups like Nirvana and the Eagles, began a more peaceful takeover of country music mixed with soft rock. The seventies were characterized by a moment calmer in rock music.

The nineties saw the age of electronic music, and this new rage spread all over the world, and saw a time of many different kinds of rock music, music and dance music mixed mixed. The 90s were also the decade of metals and heavy bands like Guns and Roses and Metallica. This style of music split into a myriad of other sub-genres like funk-metal of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine and Faith No More.

It is difficult to believe that rock music today started with a black man, singing a hybrid of blues, and prospered over the last five decades to become not only at an election, but also a lifestyle.

Rock has evolved in a variety of different styles and sub-categories, which provided that the enjoyment of a variety of different tastes in music. What The future of rock music can not be known, but it is safe to say that rock will remain for the next five decades.

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