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Do you like this bedspread?

Do you like this lavender? I can wear black polka-dotted leaves her. the pillows that I wear with it? I thought .. in White pillow cover /? REL = cm_src in lavender and this in whitehttp: / /%%|crinkle 2Bpuff 2Bsham | Top | | 2 0 | 1 | 24 | | = 1 and Article cm_src | | NoFacet-_-_-_-NoMerchRules NoFacet-with-purple in the middle you like?

Incredible! It's You looking for?

Tips for an English Country Garden at home

English country garden issues remain one of the most popular and house styles that are relatively easy to reach and satisfy both traditional and modern houses.

With the recession that still affect many people throughout the UK harvest or "shabby chic" interior design is simple and relaxed style that allows people to mix the old and the new and still has an impressive interior without spending a fortune on any decoration or furniture.

Quintessential country styles are those that revolve around of the garden of the house sweet flowers, relaxing days spent at home, and play the style of the homes of the wealthy in pastel colors or more intense deep that were popular in the halls of proportions.

Bright and spacious filled with bursts of summer flowers bring peace and tranquility in the styles of life for many people excited. After having "holes" in the field are also becoming more popular as people try to their balance between work and home.

The theme pavilion includes a mix of floral fabrics with stripes and checks, generally in pastel colors. Recent trends also include an eclectic mix of bright colors that are more often associated with Mediterranean blue blue volumes of terracotta and sunflower yellow hot offers also stimulate the senses and a quiet reflection relaxing sunny warm Tuscan help people to relax and stress when you arrive home.

A great advantage about the countries of English origin is the capacity of each room have slightly differently, with a cottage feel in general it provides a sense of balance and cohesion of a house. However, this style of interior design does not mean that you can make a mess of chaos and disorder! Surely no excuse for not planning carefully each piece to get the desired look. Living in a house, of course, gives people a great advantage in terms of system overall design, however, color combinations and mixtures textures and styles of fabrics used for curtains and furniture for the experiment and allows to achieve a relaxed form an impressive interior.

Stripped floor are another characteristic, with stripped antique pine tables beside the bed, chest of drawers and cabinets, and doors. parquet and furniture that will not be painted with a coating style white wash adds to the charm of this style throughout the interior.

Rooms are a great way to express the theme of countries, using the chips beds has an impression of white or pink flowers. Bedspreads, curtains, cushions plump added to general appearance and are usually coordinated or matching. Vases filled with fresh flowers of the season, took his own garden if possible, add essential finishing touch to all rooms, including the bedroom.

Comforter sets Choose a main color with shades of white or ivory and pink to select beautiful English Rose or lilac, lavender body to bring the English novel in a bedroom.

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