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designs quilt patterns applique.series Reva Roark Stewart, I Miss Dogwood, and Miss Crocus.?

I am aware that there may be 10 models, these fairies are sitting among the flowers, roses, etc: the block is 22X30. were seen in the halls of the quilt, I think "Bradley Quilt Co." I'm looking for these additional models.

You can get directly from the site of Bradley Quilt Company. We are about 45 different models, all together. The link is below.

Indian embroidery: a screen classic craftsmanship

India is a land of art and crafts. Use available locally and guided by a beautiful view that make wonderful objects. Most Indian brands lead to a type of embroidery or other, to be more beautiful and attractive. Embroidery in general, is a type of work for son on the surface of a fabric in an artistic model. Different regions of India traditions different embroidery on the basis of fabric, yarn, design and color combinations applied. With its distinctive style, craft complex, complex and above all its elegance, Indian embroidery styles are popular in the world. Some of the famous Indian Embroidery styles in different areas are discussed below

Chikankari: This is a work of embroidery most popular in India. Chikankari is more difficult to do embroidery on muslin, georgette, chiffon and other fine fabrics with white thread. Different points as basis points, raised dots and small dots are the very fabric pretty. A fabric to be embellished with experience through five different processes chikankari know. sewing, printing, embroidery, washing and finishing. Creeper motif is the reason most commonly used in chikankari, while patterns of flowers such as jasmine, rose, flowering stems, lotus and paisley motifs are also popular. Embroidery Chikankari not limited to clothing, but it does at home also features several articles of cushion covers, table linen pillowcases, and curtains of the partition. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh is the largest center Chikankari.

Kantha: This style of embroidery Local Bengal practiced by women of Bengal home furnishing items. Old cotton saris are used as a base and is used as old son. It is characterized by small dots running giving a series of dotted lines. The outer surface suffers cotton sari age through a lot of knitting and changes the appearance of old sari to new and fresh. The usual reasons are made to the gods and goddesses Kantha, animals, flowers and different geometric shapes. There are different types of Kantha on the basis of their use and the manufacturing process. Among the most important are Kantha Archilata, Baiton Kantha, Durjani / Thalia and Kantha Kantha Kantha Oaar Sujan rumal.

Kathi: This style of embroidery is done by the Rabari nomadic tribe Gujarat. This style is characterized by the combination of chain stitch with applique work and embellishments © small mirrors. brightly-colored fabrics are used for this embroidery and popular flavor of Gujarat seems full of vitality.

Zardozi: This style of embroidery flourished in medieval times, under the patronage of Emperor Akbar. You will find the creative use of the mesh to be placed in Zardozi gold thread. This embroidery is very dense and complex, but beautiful and elegant. Zardozi could be done in saris, upholstery, hats and other items. For Zardozi, gold wire or Zari is used that is made after strenuous efforts involving the winding, twisting, drawing and son gold plated. Suart and Varanasi are the main centers of today Zardozi. Zardozi made clothes are very popular and in demand nowadays.
For Beside these embroidery styles of India, there are other important styles practiced in India. Some of them are © applied crewelwork, phulkari, karchobi. aribharat, kimkhab, sujuni, etc.
For more ideas and information on styles of Indian embroidery please visit the India Crafts

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