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What is the title of this book?

It was a book for children, girls who have decided to make a quilt with a specific model. The trend was to a number of flowers (roses?) And red fabric needed. The girls had to find the right red cloth, and I think some even had a singer opera.

"Oh, the red rose tree Patricia Beatty: In 1893, four girls make friends with an elderly woman and trying to find seven shades of red for special blanket that Amanda wants to authoritarian grandmother. Hankinson fragile old lady, Just arrived in the hills of Kentucky, are natural rivals of origin the quilt blue ribbon at the Pacific County Fair, and when Amanda and his three friends (13 years, but still very childish in the world more peaceful in 1894) fate with the newcomer, they are presented with a challenge (and historically ... More authentic) Search - Find the seven colors of fabric red, even Ms. Hankinson "original" Tree O Red Rose "pattern." Rather than hook or (especially) the hard way that girls use methods of acquiring property, quilt folklore, superstitions and fashions of the rural society of the 1890s gave rise to a length of the whole story. And Amanda before the "last" red "- the side of a singer of Italian opera - the" morally bilious "City of Portland is, a touch Oregon colored light properly. 22juvenile% + 22% + fiction + dq = pink quilt Subject: fi% +% 22 + duvet 22juvenile + Rosa & lr = & as_brr = 0 & cd = 1

How to create a comfortable room

When interior DIY "projects they start their feel of fabrics and paint colors, furniture and floor coverings, texture and lighting. They go into a store for home decor and see samples carpet, floors compare prices, research specifications of the cocks, and borrow books of wallpaper samples.

Very often, designers do-it-yourself take the time to sit down with graph paper and design a space for comfort. Speaker placement is often determined by the aesthetic quality and balance. Almost never do interior designers to determine how to position themselves before taking the time to have room.

Therefore there are rooms containing chairs, never be used. poor positioning of furniture in the room forces people to turning his head to speak, put thin uncomfortable on coffee cups tables, raising his voice when he speaks, and turn uncomfortable furniture.

It is not difficult to create a comfortable room. The first step is to create a focal point. This should be a place that attracts the eye. It can be a library, piano, coat, or a table with a vase of flowers. However, do not become too enamored of the focal points in interior design magazines.

Yes, red roses, a vase with a beautiful hand blown $ 500 full of blood can look perfect on an antique table. But the replacement cost of 50 million roses every two weeks, the frustration of maintaining an old table, and the fear that the child will break the camel's back, at the suggestion of the journal is practical.

This type of decoration has been practiced in many larger homes. Home Decorators purchased through companies and comfortable furniture. They are designed by experts rustic rooms with 6 tables square mosaics. However, when the piece is finished, the table can be used for fear of being ruined and people are so far as communication is difficult.

In fact, if you have already tried to put in a soft chair with a hot drink, a blanket and a good book, you'll soon realize that the furniture manufacturers sacrifice comfort for the prestige and image.

Another consideration when creating a comfortable room is the flow of traffic. There is nothing more frustrating than running a line of furniture and clutter. Traffic should be able to move in a room without forcing people to move their legs of the stool, or stick your feet in someone can pass.

Traffic should also be able to move in a room without stepping on the furniture or walking in front of the TV screen. The movement should also move without bumping into entertainment centers, bookcases, tables and objects hitting.

The result will be another aspect account. Many people believe that rooms should be full of furniture. This is not true. The purchase of a large wood entertainment center solid just to "clean", is also more convenient than the use of upholstered furniture in the family room.

smart home decorators not to sacrifice comfort to create an image. Do not fill a room with expensive art and figures to make a declaration of "prestige". Sleek, the rooms are pleasant to the eye, relax and encourage people to stay together in the room - a valuable asset in today's hectic life.

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