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Concern for cutting men's razor?

I have a series of diamond rotary shaver Remington R510 that diamond-like carbon coated plates. I found a website all about the dangers of diamond dust ingestion After this reading, I am very concerned when I clean the knife handle and cutting brush, otherwise you can remove the diamond like carbon and Cup can meet near my mouth and swallow me, which could cause problems similar to those caused by Diamond himself, because materials such as carbon diamond is based on the hardness of diamond. Can anyone put my mind at rest?

I've never won it! lol well here we were. Do not worry, they wouldnt sell it if it should be so dangerous. I do not think using a lot diamond in your case, do? is a very expensive rock. On its website, said Qouting: It is important to note that Hutchkinson is written informally and in a historical context. It is not a surgeon or a pathologist and obviously has no experience in the diagnosis or characterization of the physiopathology ingestion of diamond dust. The Mr. Sprintze in mind that the diamond would be visible radiographically, and a modern pathologist would determine with certainty the particle size after exploratory surgery took place in a modern diamond poisoning case. Death can also be caused by a peritoneal infection with sepsis secondary to the continued penetration of the intestine.

Using the GBC A4525 Pro Rotary Cutter as a marker of coverage

The GBC line A425pro a rotary cutter blade is full of features for a price small. The A425 includes GBC's innovative technology online form that allows users to easily switch between straight cutting, drilling, cutting and weaving score. Well the other three elements are also useful, this article will focus on the ability of rotary cutter A425pro to act as a scoring unit.

A425pro Cutter Dial-a-leaf is one of the cheapest devices available on the market score. Less than $ 80 sent, the A425 is affordable for almost any budget. This makes it ideal for people who want to make a career for their own shorts perfect union and the need to create their own coverage. For them, a class the $ 1,000 device is generally not an option. However, the score A425pro Accucut, it is easy and affordable.

The GBC is Accucut A425pro primarily a rotary cutter and works like any rotary. However, the A425 lets you easily change the blade of the mower blade blunt to a partition that is not designed for cutting, but is designed to fold the paper to facilitate folding. The fact that the A425 has been designed like a square cut makes your document by using punctuation marks in the table document. Then, as you would cut a piece of paper to run the Note road through the paper to provide a sharp line once.

Indeed, the A425 is not as good a job as the most expensive DocuCrease pointing devices. However, one tenth of the price that the A425 is ideal for low volume users are on a budget. It is certainly better than the alternative (a blunt knife butter.) Also, when you do not use the CBG A425 as a pointing device may still be used as a knife or a paper punch.


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