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where can I find a fuschia chunky round-beaded necklace for my bridesmaids?

i am getting married in june, and my colors are navy and fuschia. the bm's are wearing solid navy dresses, carrying fuschia colored flowers, and i want to find a fuschia necklace for them to wear. i wanna do something stylish like the big beads that are bubble gum ball sized or smaller to bigger beads around the bottom or something like that --- but i'm having HORRIBLE luck finding any fuschia necklaces, period. anyone have any suggestions or know where i can find some? thanks

Best bet would be a craft store and make the necklaces you want or find a crafty friend to help. Hobby lobby would be a wonderful start. My son is into making necklaces and they have every thing you need. Including the fuchsia beads in many sizes. Also fire mountain bead company is a great place to look.

Burlington Coat Factory had a few necklaces like you are looking for back in December. LOL my 9yr old loved them that is the only reason I remember them. You might be able to find some in white and spray paint them. You can also buy plain cheap metal bead necklaces and dip them in enamel then heat set. It works good on broaches so I think a necklace would work to.

I think a short necklace with a large flower would be cuter. If I was a bm I would like a necklace I could wear again and the thought of fuchsia chunky beads is not it. Why waste the money on something they probably will just throw away or stuff in a dark corner unless they are into that style.

Good luck. It is your day. All eyes will be on you and your man no matter what type of necklace your bm's have. It is about the commitment you two are making and the new life you are starting together.

May you be blessed.

Holidays With Fido – Ornaments And Stockings For Your Dog

Christmas is a special time of the year. Get Fido into the spirit with his very own Christmas ornaments and a stocking to hang on the mantle. Don’t forget your canine friends when shopping for Christmas, as there is a wide array of holiday gifts available for all of your four legged friends.

There a unique selection of Christmas ornaments for nearly every breed of dog available, so we can decorate our trees and homes with beautiful ornaments displaying our favorite breed. Some ornaments show the breeds of dogs on both sides so that as they are hung on the tree, the picture can be seen from any angle. You can find gold or brass ornaments etched with the dog breed of your choice, even tiny velvet stockings holding glass figurines of your dog would be adorable on your tree. You can personalize round ball ornaments with your dog's name, or ornaments that look like little bones. There are even hand-beaded ornaments or glass domed ornaments displaying your breed of dog. Many different kinds and shapes of ornaments are available to show your love for your dog, it will be difficult to choose and you will want to get more than one.

Now Fido and Fifi were all snug in their beds, while visions of chew toys danced in their heads. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care… That’s right, there are stockings for your dogs, too!

A fun way to give your dogs their raw hide treats and chew toys is in their very own stocking. Stockings can come in a variety of materials and styles that can again be personalized with both your pet's name and a picture of his breed.

If you have more than one dog, why not personalize a stocking for all of them? Fill their stockings with a variety of dog toys and treats. Put a new dog bed with a squeaky toy in it under the tree, and with the stockings and Christmas ornaments, it will be a day they will dream about for many nights to come!

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