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How do air miles it takes to go toe round for Alaska airlines?

People always say it is 20 k go round tip with the award reservations, but for some reason now it says 40 k from Fairbanks to Boston, but I thought it would be 20 k. This change in the summer? Any advice about getting a cheap ticket from Fairbanks to Boston from 7-23-08 to 8-23-08 or ever this .... Thanks for the help

mileage bonuses must book this trip will depend of what "class" of the ticket, in particular, which received class tickets. As can sell quickly on a given flight, the 40k probably see online may be due to a "Coach Peak" is the only ticket available on that flight. 20k for your flight has two options: 1) try another airline that your miles, such as American Airlines. One of its flights is usually about 25 k miles. 2) try another day, as the middle of the week when it is most likely to be able to find a provision "Coach Saver" ticket. As this is the high season, however, may have difficulty achieving this goal. Other suggestions for the conclusion that a good trip, go to, which searches all online travel companies with the best prices. They have some great deals there. Also see if you can "add" a hotel room in Boston, or something so you can get a flight + hotel package cheaper. You can be a great way to save money. Good luck and happy journey!-Kango Traveler

Tips for buying cricket equipment

If you want to play a cricket match, then you will have cricket teams, including bat hitting the ball, batting pads, batting gloves, helmets, gloves, wicket keeping, cricket shoes, etc.

You must check a few things Cricket club to buy. heavier bats provide more power, even if you do not hit the ball in the middle of the bat. However, cricket bats light allow fast swing. This will increase your chances of hitting the ball with the center of the bat.

Then you must check the type of handle of the bat. You should opt for the handle oval or round. Handles that are oval in shape tend to be stronger. It will also help absorb the shock created when you press the ball. However, it will be harder for you grip a cricket bat with oval handle - especially with the hand down. If you like the conclusion of his stick with his hand then you should look around the handle. This allows you to put more lift when striking the ball.

You have to think the location the sweet spot in the purchase of cricket bats. The rounded tip of the blade is called the toe. A cricket bat has a medium sweet spot is four to 12 inches from the tip off. This location is ideal for setting a common variety of shots.

Top Key points are generally between five and 13 cm from the toe. These bats have their weight distributed higher on the page, so you will be able to swing fast. Key points are low three to 11 inches toe. These bats are adapted for aggressive batting, because it will be able to drive the ball harder.

However, another thing important to consider when buying cricket bats is its size. You must select a size that is comfortable with the size of your body. You can determine size bat in his proper position and tilting the bat against his front leg. Make sure the top of the club has not exceeded the groin.

The purpose of batting gloves to protect fingers from injury. By selecting the best batting gloves, watching the fingers of gloves to ensure that each finger has two batting gloves flexible padded areas. Also check the bottom of the thumb (right hand drummer to his right hand and vice versa) for protection added. Knowing that, early in the wrist and the tip of your longest toe in a straight line. This is very important.

batting pads, cricket is one of the most important accessories that you need when you start playing the game Make sure you have a partner who meets your legs properly and there is no discomfort while using them. If you use a good pair of skates that fit your style and attitude, you Batting time feel much more comfortable.

Batter often have to use headphones robust protection from serious injury by the cricket ball hard, especially when faced with fast players. A helmet should fit with generally advanced beyond the horizontal line of a paste eyebrows. In addition to being stable and solid, a helmet should be light. Must allow air absorbent sweat comfort.

In a game of cricket is not easy to find substitutes for the match eleven wicketkeeper, which is exactly why it is essential to keeping buy gloves ATM highest level. Broken fingers are one of the most serious risks in the field to a wicketkeeper in cricket is concerned. But for a glove you can get very painful when the ball hits a wicketkeeper fingers! Watch the fingers of gloves to see that each finger of both gloves has flexible padded areas stick.

A wicket keeper is probably the most active person in the field. It is each ball, capture crucial parting stop, members of the strain Indeed exits and encourage your team. There must be some tips to get the best wicket-keeping pads

From the standpoint feet soft and accurate movement of both hitter or pitcher, as well as gardeners, get proper cricket shoes is essential. The most important things to consider any purchase of cricket shoes are comfort and grip. Batter usually prefer shoes with forces at the front for a good making combined with rubber heels. fast bowlers usually prefer shoes with spikes on the front and back, with good support throughout of the ankle.

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