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painting of The Last Supper!!!?


I have a picture of last supper painted by hand in the back comes with a certificate that reads:

This icon is hand made in the old traditional form of Byzantine art. It has been painted with egg tempera and gold on canvas and old wood. It is a work of modern art of superior quality. Export this icon allowed.This comes in 4 languages, English, which remove the previous translation, German, French and Italian, it brings an emblemoval in the upper left corner of this certificate that says ISO 9001:2000 and the other end brings aHard rubber stamp as light brown color. You know where I know the cost and where to sell, either in Mexico or USA? The box measures approximately 20cm long x 20cm high and 2cm wide. 11.2 in. long x 8 highand 0.9 in width.Thank you for your I live in California, USA.

This work is not going to be valuable. It's a modern imitation of Byzantine style, possibly very nice to look at, but not a work of artistic importance. There are probably many of these floating around. You could put it on ebay and someone who liked it might buy it, but you don't have a goldmine on your hands.


Rubber stamps for the office

The stamps will "need bear" in the office and very useful for personal use.

The word to describe the product key and need is "Save".

Sometimes I wonder when I hear people say they avoided ordering stamps due to its price.

I know it's wrong to judge people on how they spend money. What is "expensive" can be "cheap" to another, and vice versa. So the question can not be if title = "Rabbi Stamp"> rubber stamps are expensive or not, but it deserves? Is it justified to spend money for buy

I think they do! I ordered a rubber stamp for 20 years, when I was a teacher, and yet is with me, still running, still not working, and still usable. 20 years serving my needs only mean one thing: my rubber seal shown be decent, and the $ 16 it cost me very well for 80 cents per year.

A seal is a device that is made mint a short massage on a surface capable of writings, mostly on paper, but not only. Sharing is good to repeat the feedback constant predictable, and above all unpredictable. We would not need a stamp when it comes to the implementation of the daily routine prepared in advance. In such cases, you can order printed materials: envelopes, forms, letterheads and other stationery items.

The impromptu event, where the joints are the right solution may be such that:

  1. You send a letter and you're not in your office, you do not print an envelope at your fingertips. You get your stamp of his pocket and mark the envelope with your data nudity and "Logo" clean and fast.
  2. You came to visit his employees in their workplace in full air. For now they need some type of something formal permission. improvised pieces of paper and write what they have forever. You do not improvise the notes using your official rubber stamp, which is always helpful.
  3. You are a curator and One of its responsibilities is to make masterpieces were sold. Visitors who come to know that a particular work of art is exhausted.

There are labels with variable data, particularly sequential data such as dates or numbers standard. These stamps will increase the reliability of the information he has invented for him.

There were times when stamps are two devices: their own stamp and ink pad. Was very annoying to carry around both, the ink dries quickly and the whole combination rarely left ink stains on hands and everything around you. Today stamps, rubber is packaged in a sealed small plastic device can be used again and again without refilling ink for years and no stain. These stamps can be carried anywhere, even in a shirt pocket, clean and tidy, ready for use.

People ask me if seals can replace href = "" target = "_self" title = "Cards"> cards. Technically speaking the answer is yes. You can order a stamp with the same information you have on your card. If you want to save money is possible. However, today's maps are colorful and design so that can not be compared to a poorly designed stamps, unique color.

Ask yourself a rubber stamp and enjoy using.

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