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If I was a guest on the Dr. Phil show, put rubber sheets on my seat cushion?

finally ...

Spring Cleaning The Living Room

Here is my top ten tips for cleaning and organizing your life Rooma € |

1) Furniture:

Use the spring and the improvement in time to wash and dry covers for sofas and cushions. Use a vacuum to remove crumbs lost. The same thing can be used for pet hair, but a rubber glove or a damp cloth can work equally well. If you leather sofa cleaning to remove stains (hereinafter guidelines for the manufacturer) and try to prolong his life. Pull back and void of large objects to get rid of dust, cobwebs and all I could find.

2) Illumination:

The lights are obviously something you use everyday and take for granted the nights draw, but I rarely stop to think how it would be better if I gave them some TLC from time to time. Dust on accessories and light bulbs can make a huge amount of difference in brightness. Make sure they are off in the first switch and dust regularly with a feather duster or a lint-free cloth or fibers â € "it only takes a few seconds if it is done every week, so should not be too much of a task .. For a more thorough cleaning or several layers land (particularly in kitchens), to have light bulbs and use a damp cloth for cleaning. Be careful when handling and never do bulbs warmer than the temperature difference (between the bulb and the cold, damp cloth) may burst.

3) Sockets:

Usually, they are protected from dust with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner accessories. However, wearing shoes and surface of furniture or splatter painting (if you're like me and forget to use tape to decorate!) can be a bit more difficult to remove. Meeting cream lemon clean bright white and bring the brightness back to the lacquer. Place a small amount onto a cloth and rub gently zone until the flag is removed. Clean with a clean damp cloth to ensure no residue is left in the socket. It can also be used for door frames and windows.

4) the door handles, doors, vents and air change plates:

sticky fingerprints can be processed using a clean lemon cream € "just follow the same method used for sockets. Dust doors, door handles and air vents regularly too â € "It is often forgotten in this sense in a weekly cleaning, but they can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. The outputs can also accumulate air the dust, throwing it into the air when lit, a bad thing for people with allergies.

5) The walls and ceilings:

The walls and ceilings can all be a bit dirty after the cold, rain and people and domestic animals bounding through the house. If no time nor the desire to paint and clean a quickie will do the job. Start by removing the dust on the walls and corners of the ceiling. A disposable cloth or "Fluffy" that will do. I was surprised how many cobwebs, you can not see. Matt is great for cleaning paint clean, as a damp cloth to spoil the end. However, I would recommend on silk. Its walls and ceilings should be left over after only 10 minutes of light work.

6) The curtains and blinds:

Most curtain cleaning specialists are needed to verify that the label or seek advice on the first fabric. blinds slats may be cleaned easily with minimal effort â € "on the way or round-bands and dust and dust after back.

7) Carpets:

Vacuuming alone will not stop carpets look dull, flat and worn. To avoid this, it's a good idea to wash them regularly. A thorough cleaning can remove the residue, stains and dirt from fibers embedded. carpet washers are widely available for purchase and can easily pay for themselves in just a few uses. Remove all the furniture as possible from the room, then vacuum thoroughly first. Instructions Wash after use. Carpets can be dry and back in use within 2-3 hours.

8) Windows:

Only the sun begins to shine, I see how dirty my windows became, in the depths of darkest months! Window cleaning fluids can fight with dirt and grime that has been there for a while. They can also cause stains and leaves mixed finish. 2 things to all households to have in their closets do wonders; vinegar and newspaper. White vinegar works best, but the vinegar malt works as well, if you can stand the smell! diluted vinegar Parts 1 to 3 parts water and use a small cloth soft cloth with the mixture, to clean your windows. If you prefer to apply using a sprayer, always make sure it is removed and left empty after use. Vinegar and water can leave if they went together. Buff with a sheet of paper in black and white (the colors are made from a slightly different document, which appears to be effective. The color can also be transferred to clean glass, ruin your work)

Leave the windows open regularly in the halls of air.

9) De-clutter:

Cabinets, bookshelves and magazine racks coffee table (even the dinner table, if you have an open space as I) seems to be the breeding ground ideal for the "small net job" invoices, journals and lists of â € "all these things to put in some site (or pull), but you never have the time to classify. When spring cleaning your room is the best place to start which means that you can find areas of dust really. Start by sifting through everything and division in â € ~ to maintain â € ~ and in the trash. Cells half instantly. For all that is â € ~ keep file in the folder of important documents. If you are not one of them, are readily available at stationery stores. For â € ~ bin items, keep a trash bag with you and shoot anything that you can directly above (make sure it destroys all confidential information such as bank statements or e-mail with your name and address) is a great satisfaction to get rid of things and a bag with you always half full please fill it with other pieces that were planning to discard. Abit life of a laundry € ~ 'is good for the soul!

10) Fresh flowers:

For you, your home and your guests feel more radiant and fresh flowers put a glass in the room / s that you spend more time in. daffodils are in abundance in early spring and the color yellow is ideal to spread a little happiness. Dear relatively too â € "and even can be collected from outside (as long as you're careful not to belong to someone else!).

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