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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Rubber Stamp Christmas products and information here meets your needs.

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months of the rubber stamps year?

I searched high and low for the rubber pads mounted containing the months of the year. I'm in the process making calendars for my family as a Christmas present and I'm the approval of each individual letter months. Does anyone know where I can find stamps that have the month name in them? Thanks in advance.

Search online, they are easy to find.

10 tips to stay within your budget Christmas

You've saved all year (well, maybe just for a couple of weeks) for Christmas gifts, and now we see that it is low on dough. How are you going to buy gifts for everyone on your list? These 10 tips will help you select only appropriate gifts, without going into the dreaded "Christmas debt."

  1. Make a list of "must-have" gifts for your list (like the mp3 player of his daughter does not care). Once you have noted this down, do a quick online search to find the lowest price. Remember to compare the two stores in your area and also online shops that offer shipping.
  2. If you receive a gift for parents or stepparents, consider a gift to the group. Nice TV or furniture is more affordable than the cost is shared between you and your brothers.
  3. Suggest to a change of name of adult members of their extended family. Why? Is it not more logical to spend $ 50 or $ 100 in a nice gift for a person instead of $ 5 or $ 10 in so-so gifts for each person? Anyone can buy gifts for young children, if you wish.
  4. Of course you really know your friends. What are your interests or hobbies? Would you like to receive? The answers to these questions (and others) can produce large (And not expensive gifts). Music lovers will appreciate a card to download music (even for $ 15), and his friend who likes to enjoy entertainment Nice linen napkins or placemats, a market is found almost everywhere.
  5. Dust off your baking pans! Seriously ... Who do not like cookies, candy and sweets? homemade cookies for the holidays, as thoughtful gifts and candy to neighbors, teachers and colleagues work. Just put in boxes of party or colored plastic wrap, which are very cheap.
  6. Never underestimate the power of sample size. Is there a great traveler who must cope with the air regulations boring or a student with limited space on your list? Buy small sizes or trial designer perfumes or colognes, lotions, shaving cream and shampoo, then put them in a cosmetic fun or shaving bag.
  7. Warm up your glue gun - or your templates or stamps or ... Well, you get the picture. Put your craftsmanship for the job is a great way to create thoughtful gifts at low cost. Are you buying for someone who likes to send cards? You can buy a set of blank cards and envelopes for almost nothing in the craft shops, then raised or decoration with rubber stamps and ink yourself. Or maybe you have beautiful pictures of a dear friend. Create a collage or a unique calendar with copies of their favorite photos, and voila - you have a special gift and sincere.
  8. Decides not to. This does not mean you should stop giving altogether, "said Scrooge. Just talk your friends can not exchange gifts at Christmas. Instead, you can go to a restaurant for a meal or a dinner party and girls night in someone's house. For years, my friends and I decided to share something other than Christmas cards, and focus on our birthdays instead.
  9. Forget the cards. Holiday cards are good, but if you want to save time and postage, Create a free website to share family photos. You can attach your letter of accommodation traditional, then the upgrade after the holidays that people know what is happening in your life all year. Many sites offer free Web sites with just minutes to install, and you can even control who sees it. E-mail address and password to your friends and family.
  10. Repeat after me: themed gifts are good. And if you're creative enough, nobody will know it will not cost much. For example, if you know a family who likes to rent movies, create a basket Movie Night. You can get a basket of low cost almost everywhere (probably even the back of your closet), then just add a gift card for $ 10 movie rental, a pair of bags of popcorn in the microwave (it is likely that some members of his cabinet) and an assortment of wrapped candies (M & Ms, Junior Mints, Milk Duds, etc.). For about $ 15, which has created a gift that would like to receive.

In fact, there are ways to stay in your budget for Christmas. Just use a little creative and put forth a little effort and you have a good holiday, Indeed. About the Author

Heather L. Clark is a Web researcher and writer. In her spare time she enjoys pilates, music and Seinfeld reruns. She believes in the power of Christmas Wish Lists and making endless to-do lists in her day planner.


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