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I'm looking for Christmas logo inkign a rubber stamp car?

I want the stamp our name and the text Happy holidays, but also I want to have a Christmas tree or something like it x-mas

so if you are looking for a label customization, then a look at These rubber stamps or here on this page snowman image in the platform maybe this might work for you, what do you think?


strange events.

parallel dimension or beyond?

The night watchman at Dolphin Square, was the cousin of a cat. Hot nights in downtown London and just down the river makes it impossible to sleep. The pool and restaurant and there was nothing to do except go out at night and I chose to go to bed early. We were joined by two security guards who were also interested tenants and that was in them because of the insecurity stems from a recent wave of vandalism and thefts in the region. Real presenceof tenants had system-wide security infrastructure restructured and powerful infrared cameras were trained on each corner of the massive estate. The conversation turned interesting aspects of his work and was late enough be a little lax on the choice of subjects. One of the guards was a young former soldier in the Gulf War who had been wounded despite some manipulation surgery had been visibly limping. I suspect it was no more than 25 years and the innocence of sports kidnapped one day reality daily life monotonous and confusing sensitive out of violence, experiences imaginable. I was right to ask if I had actually never seen anything Night security throughout its history that bordered on the inexplicable and mysterious perhaps. The area is a maze of corridors, underpasses indoor gardens and alleys around. It was not long to react as old as his eyes narrowed and he began to talk about the mysterious fig with a long black cloak who had consistently followed in the room, which was then examined physically every turn, in vain. It seemed very unlikely to me that should refer to what I had in mind taking into account the range of experiences that many nights militiamen involved Manufacturers He seemed to be filled in. I head - in the law and felt he knew what he was talking about and for the opportunity he had asked. I walked in the hall of my house (there were over a score on eight levels, making the bloc the most famous condo in Europe in the years 30 when built).

The silent

I was about to take a flight from Gatwick to 09 pm and I took the train to Victoria around 6:00. He was about half an hour before the time when I walked down the stairs and entered the lobby. He also was then that I saw the dark figure, wrapped in silence, thoughtfully, head drag beyond the corner of the eye. I could not detect characteristics, but it was real. I turned to my right, where the figure disappeared and led to the short corridor, lifts and a swinging door of interior gardens of the estate. I wondered who he was and he knew most of our neighbors and there was no recognition that it was a bit unusual. I saw the swinging doors hinged slow return seems to have moved or had betrayed his one passenger elevator or opening or closing functionality. My divided in turn into the second, where the figure of the SLID is not the time to make one of those two things and the case has made its mark in my mind over the coming years. I told them what he had seen and the youngest was just surprised. I took two Hall of concrete block have been examined in detail and there seemed no doubt as regards the particular camera is here that the figure had gone outside. I forbear to mention the block where the tenants must find diquieting contemporary. They had always seen the back of the movement appears in this hall and he seen clearly ahead, but now I realize there is absolutely no face or swept past too quickly for me to have a preview it. It was hard enough in a sort of way and ethereal that it had slipped my mind until two feet, leaving a distinct impression of a sliding motion. Only a year ago, a horrific murder of two young criminals were held on the fourth floor. Many tenants ear myself included, but was attributed to a family dispute and no one came to the rescue. He had met the victim and had remember seeing once with AA long dark raincoat. Although it will never be safe, I can say with conviction that the figure at the height of its global presence.

The nature of this and other events the left provided the grounds for possible explanations, but none was very successful. Therefore think that parapsychology difficult achieve. My comments have surprised the security guards gave me my initiative the information was corroborated by a careful examination site. There were factors on both sides to show that the incident had something in common and that the events really happened and are recorded by the camera and the view. However, do not reject anything that tricks of the imagination, does not explain the observations of the camera camera Frequently, who always leads to the entrance of the block and lost total contact beyond the doors of the hall. I was the first explain the observation of the interior of the room, I could enter the required moment of time that the ghost walked in.

The strange things in the store

All these strange events that shook my senses during a long and eventful life, were of the variety of ghosts, but they were all foreigners. I was walking down the boulevard mysterious late night Buffolo in New York. I had just witnessed a conference at the local university, given by a professor friend whose family I was staying. It was the fourth. July and year to date escapes me. I made a royal visit to Toronto and had the opportunity to cross Niagara Falls and Buffalo pop in for a meeting as planned. Really I do not know what happened during the long march towards the house. I remember the incandescent globe. It looked like a mirror and seemed to glide over the top trees, in silence, as if searching for something. My immediate reaction was that it was a helicopter as seen in movies in search of fugitives of the night, but there was no sound. The next thought - Vela, but it was a dark night the light seemed to float at some point. He might, but what he did during the night so near the tops of trees, is another matter. I do not have much time for reflection. Run! Steven cried. I needed little persuasion because of their inexplicable aspects of this view. We have had to go below, where this thing was hanging on wooden beams and low if it was not a reassuring outlook. Steven was miles more mature than has been created and a race he had won his position within the university and at least one visit to Belgrade, where I had met his wife and excellent. We met in London and later travel to Buffalo was a result of endless fun that we aircraft in the vicinity of the capital. I never had the opportunity to go with him since the incident the night as special and none of us had a clear idea of what might have been, except that looked threatening and out of context with the environment. For one reason or another, not additive. It was one of those things that had to ignore or spend hours in the circular reasoning, to reach the same point Departure and doubts. Years later, a curious fact came to light in the magazines of UFO sightings. The time and date on coincided with the mass of UFO sightings in Washington called often called "the attack on Capitol Hill." We have was near one of those mysterious fires that seems to surround the citadel during the night. Or perhaps a suspect or a malfunction - which is too casual to be fired. While moving through the treetops, I was not as fast and as a soap bubble, seemed float at a given time. Steven saw the danger of this movement is strange that, in retrospect, it seems to be associated with a search and something that that would make a helicopter - except that he was one of them, we should certainly be felt and heard. Nothing has broken the silence of the night splendid happiness.

The observations and cosmic graffiti

It was the last time he came by the Through a mysterious artifact in the air, except that the second took place just next to a town called unlikely Estepona on the Costa del Sol, Spain where the only thing each step was unexpected was stolen. My friend, the director of a notoriously dirty oil refinery in the Bay of Gibraltar, was happy to retire and breathe cooler air of the complex of villas by the sea relatively. We had been friends of the family for years and he expects a good stretch on the beach the next day. The sky was clear and the stars shone with the intensity of a night no moon, when suddenly flew - in silence as one of those shots in the saga of the march television star. The two shouted: "What is it? "And they were right to do so because it was massive and salmon, with what appeared to be a variety of accessories or even below what seemed to me, a landscape from top to bottom. She was quiet, fast and without form, and disappeared in seconds and empty the sea If it was a meteorite, I suspect that the intensity would have been much prettier and has received what he did with great strength and explosion, because it was too close to the earth to be away from your point of impact. It could also be an optical effect produced by something massive as seen from the ground would be translated immediately overhead. The orange glow could be the reflection of lights from the street if the area was bright or highly reflective. Could have been a short entry and exit in the space-earth atmosphere of a ship Space? It covers a vast area of the retina, leaving enough space to see the diffusion of light in the darkness of what was an object irregular and nothing like a fireball. Again - Silent. The color sticks in my mind - salmon, sweet and full of forms lighter and darker on the surface - nothing like a spaceship, but rather as a huge piece of land with groups of related soft rock. But then, it was so sudden and so unexpected that it was difficult to keep mentally. This was not the case, however, something else happened that some And just 60 miles away in the resort of Malaga airport.

I had a car at the airport and I must say that it all started when we built sunscreen corrugated iron Stadium lasted about fifteen meters. I can not explain the life of me, and God knows I tried to everyone and anyone interested in taking it seriously, but the company is irrelevant and the press have been in the slightest tendency to see for themselves. Our manager of days and I spent hours trying to understand trends in the dust covered most of the cars in this heavily polluted in the world with at least one of the many illegal quarries a few miles away. The drawings have been fully symmetrical and generally could be made for photocopies of the rings of Saturn. All are rings of dust on the carved surfaces dusty. Some had long intervals between them. Close all other major and some hats and covering both windshields. That gave us goose bumps, is that the deduction of large open areas near the various other angles, but since a few meters, the entire structure seemed follow the line vision, as if it were issued from above, without visible distortion. Some questions were only target a few inches in diameter - So big that other than a meter. Many appeared on the windshield, as if the rubber suction cups was sealed with attention to dust or perhaps rubber stamps, even concentric circles. A Sometimes the brush strokes of light on the window seemed to show the outer feathers of the wings of birds clearly printed and in many cases associated with these images. This could have resulted by chance and that I had seen on other occasions when the images were not there, except that there was much more than usual. Beauty of these images are sometimes so surprising that they hate us they does not come as car owners came for them. Since we found that anxiety has disappeared have not been replaced. The experience will remain our people and show them a. What he did on a given day and we all could join the wall was a kind electromagnetic waves that somehow implanted magnetic properties in a scene based on the frequency. What I mean is that what lay in the dust of the magnetized areas of different polarity has been joined to the rights of dust near him as neighboring bands. It made me think that perhaps the most are more stringent higher frequency of small and large, a smaller scale. One who is sent to mysterious electromagnetic waves such explosions may have been perhaps an effect on Morse and creating a circle more or smaller ring more or less wide according to the only I can call electromagnetic intonation. Each model has been one blow if the individual tendencies have been clearly identified. Nevertheless, the possibility that someone suggested they were caused by the fiber strands of glass driven by currents of air in a circular motion could not account for the perfection and definition. The idea, however, seemed offer an explanation, but large employers were definitely out of the mechanical capacity of this possibility. If Jack Holmes, CEO and me with dozens of others who have seen that not only perplexed and bewildered by appearances, but a little worried that maybe something had happened at the airport that was not in the order of ordinary things. I talked to a German scientist at a conference in Paris that he had participated and shared the same hotel. He simply said: - I'd be careful if I were you. "He seemed quite serious, but given the circumstances, far from his specialty, I think could be a brush or a soft ticking.

Sounds nowhere

The models are not only the strange events in this natural enclosure. We had plenty of time to research stations there apparently in the area of 14,000 square meters of parking. In anything in the car - lights or radio may lead to the battery and screwing which has been hard work is avoided, so that the pursuit of these things is a matter of duty. Sometimes the music sounds crystal (voice, I do not remember) meets a set of hidden areas, attributed to the corrugated iron roofs, which were somehow acting as antennas and speakers. Once standing, along with a window overlooking the entire complex in the middle of the night, I heard the final early wheezing realistic snoring. I can not explane better. I listened for a reasonable period of time and ventured to walk in the darkness of the compound surrounded by sound. The complex roof everything seemed to breathe while walking in a section below and sound. If he was terrified, because my sense of logic things, told me that if something was blowing hard that was to be a giant and I do not see what you've been hearing a kind of illusion. The the music was more logical, but maybe someone had fallen asleep near a transmitter on the roof of the airport and my talent did the rest. While radar can be used in airports could have resulted in an audible sound in these conditions, but again that could be anything. Here, however, is much more disturbing manifestations Paraspycological if not rooted in evil or threat, my heart beating, but was more surprised than scared, fearing the worst, but the evidence could be used wisely. These experiments are potentially darker omen, however, as he had only two years ago in the same place, let me aprehensive stress and fear.

Terrifying encounter with destiny

There were at least three of us involved. Martin, his wife Lynne and me as a protector of animals a little ingenuity, had a collection of a dozen dogs in the best advice. These compounds were kept in the field, while I found my new and negotiated home. As love of my life with very close contact with each of them, Lynne hired help, is an absolute necessity., Her husband Martin, our Chief office at the hotel that was made by Jack Holmes, the trio formed by higher base with a variety of drivers from time to time. My experience with dogs and hundreds of things and often can go wrong, I became very sensitive to any change that the health problems previously announced. That fateful morning, I stood in front of the complex of four of what I called my backpack wild. I heard rather than saw the beginning the whispers that reminded me of the noise they make peacocks and turkeys when the fan and pull the tail feathers on the screen - a plastic scratch, I find difficulties in verbal form. From the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be a massive black wing cover down on the side of the wall leading to box. I knew instinctively that this was not a real object. I dared not move and I saw him briefly before looking to see if There was something above me frighteningly large and wounded. The movement of the eye should be dissolved immediately. For obvious reasons, I have associated a sign of death and perhaps an angel of death, although I had never seen a picture of nature and man with the scythe was my conception of these things. The image is engraved black crow in subconsciously. Lynne and I informed said Martin. I asked them to put in book of days in case something soon.

That night I went to the movies and saw what appeared to be a good film, but that was probably the worst thing I ever saw in this category. Available Meryl Streep, my favorite star and played his role as singer in a group of countries in the night dismantling of an old theater in particular. What I saw left me cold and gave me an idea of psychic warnings. Apparently, a movie I had not read anything in advance and which is incomprehensible from the beginning that the situation as a whole was controlled by an angel of death as a woman walked among them invisible and that the case is shown with huge black wings in support of their identity. He was agitated and was alerted and took the time to understand the particular structure. It looked initially as if the removal by the subject's death was a young member of society, but later was bypassed in favor of the oldest - a veteran who octagenerian had been silent in love with a woman a little younger in the circle. Accordingly, the angel of death had been allowed to see or even talk to him and asked for the opportunity to declare and consume their love for another woman before leaving. Here is a facelift that brings to express his love and cause the desired response. Private rooms expected in happily at the height of their happiness and satisfaction in their love and hope seems so inspired, to find his death. Lynne and Martin were caught and used for such things to me and prepared for unpleasant things future. Again, journal entries have been made and to my surprise, while listening to the car radio the same day, a program completely devoted to the wings, their symbolic significance and evolution filled my ears. I knew that something terrible would happen to shareholders dogs and Lynn was upset by watching each dog, and taking note of any changes.

Signs of consolidation

He pays the day and left deepish puddles everywhere. I let the dogs in the places mentioned and run like crazy around splashing water. I looked delighted, beautiful as were the best moments of their lives. The youngest, Mungia, suddenly waving around his back and he took out of spite, became the horror and alarm, as he tried to rise, but inexplicably wrapper around the mouth open as if in agony. I saw Martin running toward me, as I screamed for help whosaw what was happening and I took his wounded heart could almost hear the dog - such was the violence of their blows. I knew I had seconds to stabilize the heart and intensity I massaged Mungia hope to get out of adjustment. I felt my heart and stop and start again, then at a gallop, but did not stop again, I realized they were on the hill. I kept my head so he can breathe easier and massage the back and chest to try to calm her. It seemed out of the coma and heart rate began to decline. Mungia could not get up for some time and finally, when she tried, her hind legs gave way. Two minutes later, dazed and weak, began to walk and seemed so fully recover property that look confused looking for someone to blame. She had spent on the horizon, but short of new developments have survived. Mungia was the youngest and strongest of all dogs with a vitality that today yet, four years later, it shows our true pleasure. It is almost a red setter as a mixture may be, but essentially it is called Hound Home jackal in Spain. They are very resistant wild domestic dogs recently.

Lynne Martin and I discussed the event and asked the question. Is there something to continue in this saga psychic? I refused to think, because nothing, nothing affected my dogs caught my attention with a knife as long and as strong as the fear that grips me. I had another dog in another area with a shadow free night had fallen ill and away from the hospital short time and never return. Canela, for that was his name, had been ill for some time, reflecting the poor life he had before I took it in. It was of the family who saved the wrong people, which the council or the cable increased by almost his neck was such abuse. Canela started to show signs of disease and started a double dose of antibiotics as prescribed by the veterinarian. Miraculously, after a season on antibiotics and food cooked fresh, suddenly seemed back to his youth, running friskly as he had not done for many years. We could not believe it and was amazed at the sight. We had a sense of rejuvenation in forebading for this film, but there was no cause for the alarm with regard to their health. Suddenly, without warning when we took him back course was on the way perfect health, began to fall and I knew instinctively that death was near. My hair stood on scenes from the film through my mind. The second option - a return to younger days and the behavior was more spirit. I had just finished weaning food choices to reduce it to more acceptable, but less nutritious food for dogs and their heads buried in plain I knew it was a few minutes of your destination. I felt his last breath, with little comfort, but maybe somehow I knew that the last ten days of apprehension and fear were over. I knew with great saddness that for the moment at least, the fate of his time and I hope there can be a very long and very happy to pay unsolicited.

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