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Why are people still wasting time in national elections?

Is not it both shocking and depressing to think that still a large number of ordinary citizens who still naively think that a policy Charleton now presidential candidate will be chosen by votes cast by ordinary people like them? How this state of mind can prevail after years of political corruption, secrecy agreements entered backstage, electoral fraud, murder, theft pure and simple face the last two presidential elections and the election of a congressional go-ahead, it's amazing. To say that this last election in any shape is different, that politicians finally listen to the voice of the people this time it's ridiculous to say the least.

The truth is that, unfortunately. The public has virtually no say in who is elected. There are so many channel that runs through many lobbyists and corrupt, it is now virtually destroyed the electoral system. That's why I think Hillary and Obama are the only two Democrats mentioned. It's kind of rigged elections in itself. The Republicans can not lose, even if do Obama and Hillary are almost as bad. Companies chairs. People who take their bribes and let the polluters and punish the fraudsters still does not matter how desperate seem, does not take much for voting and doing something is better than nothing at all. When you can quit and set the enemy is when we really lost. That said, I'm voting by Dennis Kucinich. I did not have much hope at all, but it would be the best bet to end all

Custom rubber bracelets to create your own silicone bracelet

To create a lasting impression in the minds of the people, must have an expression individual. If it is a gift or the struggle for a social cause should be determined in this way, a unique way of thinking that the crowd, and the only thing that has become the custom bracelets so popular around the world.

Although there is no doubt about the effectiveness rubber bracelets on measures to defend their cause, people often have no idea. Here's a quick guide for first steps in their efforts.
When there is a rubber strap on action, you have to consider three important questions:

First, the color of the bracelet, secondly, the selection of logo and the third is the printed message.
Choosing the right color.

Regarding bracelets, colors different words from different causes. We all know the famous and powerful bracelets Yellow, which seeks to unite the cancer patients in vivo in the world in their determination to overcome this deadly disease. It is essential that you strictly follow codes to create your custom rubber bracelet is desirable, a color that is the cause of rectification and brand.

Suppose you want to use rubber bracelets disseminate news of your club participate in various types of maritime activities. In this case, choose the aqua-blue color bracelet. If you fight against all forms of violence, while red is the color for a better representation of their goals. Supported causes of environmental problems? Then, the green color of your personalized wristband.
Create a logo.

People tend to respond better to any type of message if it is represented by pictures or photographs. So, logos are so important, a symbol associated with a particular cause or brand tend to leave lasting impression in the minds of people, as a major advertising logos value. Thus, companies are large houses on the non-profit organizations small have their own logos to help shake the memory of a person if it works on the icon.

But getting the logo right is very important: there must be a link between the logo and goals your organization. Only in the minds of the examples above, it is curious in a sports club to use the logo of a tree, so that all the practical benefits, if an environmental organization uses the image of sports logo.

Therefore, the logo on their bracelets customized rubber must be adequately represented and their specific objectives.

The last and most important consideration is the choice of success message. The slogan should be short and the dynamics of its objectives in a particular way.
Therefore, the success of personalized bracelet depends on three factors: color, logo and slogan. If you are passionate about their cause, make sure that the right combination of personality bracelet the most attractive rubber.

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