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Is there a spot for good ideal to make cards and scrapbooks?

Can anyone recommend a good ink that can be used for making cards and scrapbooks? Is it really "perfect" cartridge? I started to come into rubber stamping and I know that Stampin Up everyone recommends their own brands, but no, you can buy @ Hobby Lobby or Michael is as good and can be used for? Thanks to everyone who responded

Yes, in my opinion, no! Ranger Industries file ink mark. It comes in many color, is permanent, even on shiny surfaces, such as jewelry boxes, in the dry state, the image can be colored with water or oil based medium without a trace, and the body of the ink does not fill the cracks in the buffer so you can get the excellent image brightness with their seals in great detail. I do not sell things, I use it almost exclusively. It is authorized to highlight so-so, I think they are drying too fast in low humidity to allow the powder stick in relief. I have not tried spraying in my area of work to see if this helps for now. In general, a good ink, a drawback for some applications, certain colors may be sticky, which can tear the tissue paper. Here I write some simple printing, most already know, but I speak ink mark on file in this case: Good luck, and keep sealed! Stacey


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