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Can anyone explain briefly how to rubber stamp and then 'emboss' it with the 3D shiny raised outline?

My sister's friend made her a gorgeous stamped greeting card and all along the stamp lines she did something to make the outline of the stamp on the paper to make it raised, shiny, 3D. I would love to learn this process but haven't found a simple explanation. My sister told me that her friend had to use some type of powder and then had to blow hot air on it with an embossing tool-is this correct? Is it expensive?

You have to use a special embossing ink and embossing powder. And yes you do need a heat gun. They come in a range of prices and sizes and shapes. You would need to just go to a hobby store and price one. You ink your paper and before the ink dries, shake the powder on and tap the excess off then heat set it.

Added: What I have found easier and cheaper, is to get a little bottle of clear crystal fabric paint and after I stamp my image, I go over the lines with the fine tip of the paint. It draws the color of the regular ink you use up in to the paint and it is raised, plus you get the pretty crystal glitter shine. I bought the Polly Mark Dimensional fabric paint, but you can use any brand you like. It only cost about 99 cents. Just be sure to buy the little bottle, because the tip is real fine so that you can get a fine line or add pressure and get a thicker line...Might be worth a try before you spend the extra money on a heat gun and special ink and powder...This is how I made my Christmas cards this past year. They turned out beautiful.

Added..More: After the request to be added to your contacts, I took a look at your profile...I LOVE TO GARDEN ALSO!! It has turned into something my children love to do with me. It is just such a peaceful learning experience for us all. Thank you.

top ten tips on using rubber stamps

1. Text plates: Rubber vs. polymer

The text plate of a rubber stamp should always be made out of rubber rather than the less expensive plastic, now used by many companies to reduce expense. Rubber Text plates provide vastly improved, clearer text with sharp impressions every time they are used.

2. Self-inking company stamps

A type of Rubber Stamp known as a Company Stamp is self-inking and therefore avoids the use of separate ink pads. This can make your life so much easier since you won’t have to spend time cleaning up a messy desk and ink-stained fingers.

3. Quality comes first

When choosing a rubber stamp always go for the best quality ones, especially if it is for business purposes. If the stamps are for important and expensive documents you don’t want them to be smeared with ink or filled with unclear text.

4. Rubber stamps: Self-inking vs. ordinary

Self-inking scores again. You don’t need a separate ink pad. Not only do you avoid the mess of keeping a separate ink pad open on your desk but the very idea of keeping it open makes it empty faster as well as creating opportunities for it to spill all over your desk! A Self-inking pad remains closed which makes it last longer as well.

5. Business stamps: Flexible enough for longer service

Business stamps are a type of Rubber Stamp that has text plates that are easily replaceable. This lets you change the text plate on your rubber stamp when it becomes outdated, saving you the expense of getting a new one.

6. Clean the test plate with vinyl tape

Using vinyl tape on the text plate of the stamp can remove the ink from the plate so making it wonderfully clean again before you put it back in the drawer. This helps the text plate to be ready for use next time, without having to remove more difficult dried up ink.

7. Use different colours for different purposes

Why not use different colour rubber stamps for different purposes in your office? Buying them in different colours can help you in choosing which one to use. Ask for Business Stamps, since they are available in different colours. It saves you time as well as the frustration of having to try out each rubber stamp in order to make sure it’s really the one you want only to discover that it’s always the last one you try that you actually need!

8. Save time and money for you and your customers

Rubber Stamps have many ways of saving you time. For example, you don’t have to write your name and address on every business invoice or envelope that you send. Rubber stamps can also be used on customer’s cheques by stamping your company name on them, thereby making sure that customers get your name right every time. You also save money in a start-up business by not having to print thousands of pre-printed envelopes and headed stationery.

9. Have fun with rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are useful for not only company or business purposes but also for making greetings cards, photo albums, note books and wrapping paper. You can unleash your creativity here and create your own cards for friends and loved ones, which will undoubtedly be more special to them than ready-made cards.

10. Impressive cards and envelopes

Using the same rubber stamps on cards and envelopes adds that special touch for the gift-card receiver. You can use the same colours for both the envelope and the card and border it with the same rubber stamp making them even more beautiful.

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