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Who sells Rubber Stamps Stampin?

My friend, Erin does. You can learn more about it here ...

How to collect Rubber Stamping supplies First

The first time I started as a rubber stamp and realized I wanted to be a card manufacturer, I lived in a small town on the craftsmen do not know the paper. There seemed to be a lot of stores that sell stamps and had not seen the technology demonstrated.

Then I met a wonderful woman online who has been a manufacturer of card edge. It lived in the Pacific Ocean from me, but I understood what was happening. It is through their e-mail friendly and wonderful images of his letters that my interest in the elimination finally allowed to develop. I wanted to try to make some more cards!

My friend sent me my first stamps, samples of drawing on paper, ribbon and bling. Then he found the pads and began to play. I had no idea of the great and wonderful world of rubber stamping at the time, so I did what I knew I could do. I'm happy to play in the final.

When a good seal for some companies have started selling stamps and supplies in Australia, I began to see what was possible. Then my collection of tools and supplies began to grow.

So, what should I buy? I'll show you my list, but remember Sell your property can be very different from mine. I just went in the direction of my interests and my knowledge leads me. This is a fun hobby there is no good and evil do - for me there is a play and experiment!

Some things I do, I love it. And others do not. It's all learning. Celebrate Your Own journey of exploration.

This was quickly spotted as soon as I started rubber stamping:

  • In addition to buying stamps I loved the time Suddenly, I bought a map that was color coordinated (Stampin 'Up!) And the color wheel. I struggled to bring beautiful color and the adventurous beginning and helped me color wheel
  • Some good quality white card to my points against my photo cards
  • So I bought a pair of scissors - a pair of rubber cup and a Little Bit complicated strong pair for cutting paper
  • I bought a self-healing Cutting Mat
  • an attached cleaning pad and cleaning seal fog (fog cleaning rubber seals)
  • snail adhesive
  • Much ink in many colors that I could afford
  • watercolor pencils and pencils
  • Metallic gel ink pens, a good black pen and white Gel Pen journal
  • a permanent black Ink Pad so that I can color the lines of my stamps spotless
  • Versamark inkpad to improve
  • some Embossing Powder
  • a bit of Double Sided tape
  • a good rule of metal
  • folding
  • mat pack and a tool for drilling paper

I must say that still use all these tools years later.

As I was interested in other techniques (or necessity), I bought more tools. For example, I used a grid to highlight things in the first. (N It is recommended to use a toaster to burn, of course. Read on to see why not!) When I was raised as a point of setting fire to the house one day, I decided to buy a Heat Gun (hence the need! Heaven has finally decided that I needed a heat gun, when he burned my paper!)

Ornaments and legs grow only when you start to buy them. I started with:

So I decided to start my collection of tools puncture, and I started to learn to use perforated forms.

Then, turning to want to set eyelets and then when I bought a noisy system configuration carnations. When I could not resist setting eyelets into the night after her husband (a shift worker) had been in bed, he acknowledged that needed a Crop-A-say - is quiet and efficient, so oh!

I think now we can see the model of supply ship my purchase has taken over the years?

My advice is: go ahead and rely on their own creative inclinations during the creation of rubber stamping and Paper Crafting supplies and tools. Find a good place open and airy with good lighting for boats and think about how to store their supplies as they grow. I made do with an ordinary table had a shelf attached to his upper back. It is located near an open window and added a desk lamp when it is cloudy or give me the night (which is often the case).

Only buy tools and supplies, his interest grew. For more information on tools and techniques, can be find more information in my role of art Tools page.

Printing and paper work is a fun hobby with many curves that you can explore the creation. Take your time and enjoy!

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