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How to get a green card if they are transgender?

I would like to work in the United States to become an actor, but do not know where start to get a green card, although I'm not going to make a request in the near future, but maybe three, years from now, four and I have to go to the first school in Sweden, but the main problem that I really could give problems if you want a green card is probably going to produce testosterone, so that I already feel like a kid in a body of girls, does that ruin my chances of getting a green card? PS: Sorry if I have not clear if things because my English is a little rusty XD

Unless you're famous, can not seek a green card for you. The main options are getting sponsored by an employer or family. Sponsoring an employer will not be affected if you are transgender or not, but it will be very affected by what degrees and qualifications you have and you're good. Because transgender people can legally marry should be able to sponsor a spouse who is a United States citizen for a green card - the time it is a true marriage is not entered a marriage with the sole purpose of obtaining a green card. If you have enough money for tuition, you can get a student visa if a U.S. university supported. A student visa is a nonimmigrant visa, which is expected to return to their home country after completing their studies.


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