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How do you like my artwork?

I am an artist. Love to draw, paint, crayons, etc. have become my specialty. Here is some of my work. http://shadowedpanther9.deviantart. Com/art/Cotton-Candy2-72683217 As you can see, I love the clowns! Some are for sale. Holla!

Wow, really eye catching! you have such great use of the intricate details and colors.

Different types of Oil Paintings Support

Support oil painting is a surface to which oil paint can be applied a. There variety of different surfaces that artists use to paint. Everything from wood of some metals, canvas, and as might be used as a medium for oil painting. Here are the different types of media oil painting will help you decide which best suits your style of oil painting.


Lino was created from the fibers of the plant lin. The fibers are developed to son or son who later became the canvas. The flax plant are huge and moderately strong and make a stand for Oil Painting attractive and durable. Paintings done in this area have endured the test of time. It is for this reason that linen canvas is a favorite among the painters of oil experts. This range of linen fabrics available on the market different from rolled canvas to pre-stretch. Be prepared for acrylic and oil, or you can get and unadorned.


Cotton is the most admired support canvas for starter oil painters. It is relatively strong, and very reasonable for flax. It has a very uniform surface plot. If you are really concerned by the strength of cotton, then purchase a quality cotton deep and try to extend your account. cotton is available in rolls or pre-stretched, loan or no premium.

Canvas pads

For artists who could be on a tight budget, but the desire for a good quality surface for oil painting and canvas blocks are a better choice. Canvas pads are available in a wide variety of sizes and are wonderful for beginners interested in the reproduction of oil painting. cloth pads are also great for practice or study. Be sure get a tarp weighing platform compatible with expected oil paintings.

Wood panels

The first paintings Oil on known panels is made of oak or poplar. The wood was actually covered with a coherent field of animal skin paste and chalk. The ground was then elegant smooth to create a suitable surface for oil paintings.

Your choice of paint Oil is actually based support, even in his painting style. Experiment with different types of oil painting supports accessible in the market and have fun. You will ultimately find one that suits you best.

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