Sans Serif

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Sans Serif

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What are the colors associated with the Tour Eiffel and Paris?

What colors or color pairs do you think of when you think Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? What do you think that the sources correctly is that? Serif? sans serif? Any kind of situation? Thanks!

I think the cool colors, blue, green and purple. Also a bit of yellow, a little. I think the sans serif style. The sources with a kind of nature for Curvey them. A marker or curly cursive type. If there are no models very soft and harmonious colors and the like, not a very high contrast. Hope this helps!

Font that corresponds to your postcard design better?

You have a product, you have your marketing medium is the postcard, and you have all design elements that you want to there. But you can not decide to use police, perhaps because there are thousands of options choose.

Types letter are the lines of characters and different symbols, including what they are letters, numbers and punctuation and marks. because there are many options, software and more are on the Internet for free, you can take some time before we can reduce the number of some hundreds to ten in a single font and final.

Type Cast

You've seen them before and know how they are different from each of these policies have actually other. € ~ â € ™ familiesâ to which they belong because of certain characteristics of the strokes. Â

Here is some types of fonts:

  1.a Serif

Serif is a favorite among many editors and producers of commercials, just because they say it is more readable than sans serif counterpart. its wheelbase is the simple reason is used for long texts and copies.

This font is very small projection called serifs. Loved One which is very common Times New Roman.

 a 2nd Sans Serif

sans serif, as described above, are simpler than auctions because they do not have touches of the latter, therefore, no extra word in French means without. popular examples are Helvetica and Arial.Â

Sans serif fonts are a stylish and polished could easily add ads. seeks its modern features at least give it a simple and elegant effect.Â

3.a   Script

Script Fonts are commonly used for more formal and legends purposes. For ads could help establish a similar formal tone. most of its appeal lies in its resemblance to the former strokes. writing is a good item to include in your postcard design If your product is intended to express the class and style.

Although elegant, difficulty with readability. letters are a bit compressed, which are bound himself and the lines are several loops and overlaps, making them relatively difficult to read. To resolve this problem, you can use word processing on the nature of space between each letter how much farther from each other.Â

An example of this font is Calligraphy Script. Kuenstler There is also a dotted line are less formal, informal Script. Aptly named  Â

  Carrier 4th

Such letter is given the name because the single space each letter occupies the same space, unlike the fonts in which the other and I are close, and m is larger than the rest. All fonts in the above list are called proportional.

First used in typewriters that moved in space and reflect the equality one policy, a fixed-width font entered the computer scene with falling typewriters. One of the most remarkable of this mail is New.Â

Symbols  5.a

Although not composed of letters, the symbol font can display multiple objects, such as mobile systems and others to help you send a message through images.

Famous examples are the Symbols and Wingdings.

These types accents Police postcards are good designs, as well as helping to express the images and colors can not be completely â € "either artistically designed or simply through the characters.

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