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Best of Santa Claus, remember: What makes it superior? Answer real life of the mind or eyes

It may be a Santa Claus who met in a mall, a party, parade on the street or at home. Maybe he is Santa Claus, you think you own your mind when you think about this world known and beloved character? What makes Santa Claus that makes it so special and fun for children around the world? I ask that speaking in human terms to a person Santa emulates real character (I am a professional Santa.). In no way can be removed by the fireplace with a touch of our nose or fly through the air in a sleigh by reindeer. BUT! We may be able to give more honor to the real Santa, showing the attitude, behavior, voice, body language, and the charm of all the man we all love, "said Kris Kringle. So what to do in Santa the presence of children also apply to they want for Christmas, if they were good or bad, Ho-Ho and distribute gifts? Is dancing Santa template is a carol? Pat Elves in the head? whip crack?

I use a volunteer for disabled veterans of America every Christmas. I dress as a clown or a mime and entertain children. Well, every year there is a Santa Claus talking to children and ask what they wanted Christmas. Some children were severely disabilities and help them get out of the wheelchair and let them sit on his lap. Sometimes drooling and not even in jest. It was very nice and attentive and often brought gifts or candy. He always asked the parents what is "appropriate" for children and was very attentive. Sometimes, even got up and sang with the band playing. I remember singing Jingle Bell Rock with him and boy could move! My worst experience was when I was a Christmas show at the mall Santa (singing) when I was 16. I went to sit in the lap of Santa Claus for the occasion and the image he was drunk amazing! She felt horrible and was grabbing my ass before the children and parents. Then he disappeared and never returned ... I think it was to go throw up or something,

Christmas: Our special guest

Katie Rose Phillips sang once saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus, but when I was little I saw him rocking Aunt Cathy's new baby.

Christmas falls on the fifth year of a child is special and mine does no exception, old enough to appreciate the ritual young enough to be completely suspended its magic.

This season, everything was perfect, my family together, a little brother to show strings and more to learn. More than a thick layer of crunchy snow snowman loans.

My mother was dressed in household wealth holiday, Holly branches covered by all the images and a large wreath of pine cones hanging from the door by a red ribbon luxury. Everywhere a trinket with a shaky history of ceramic brother Angel miniature candles in hand, just brought a winter day in the little shop in London.

Not to mention the huge tree as Christmas, which was in the ceiling above me. They took my father's best part of a morning (he hastened to add) one afternoon to recover from the effort of doing things in the pipe and ready decorate. Even senior My mother had to use a ladder to place the fairy on top.

I gave the decorations on the care the guardian of the crown jewels and with the same pride. The lighting ceremony of light when the sun had set my inner light too. I was ready for the start of the Games.

And they did. pies a week packed with friends of mulled wine and mince, all facilities, songs and memorable performance from Jack and the Beanstalk, the giant has a big belly Cathy aunt in line and joked about her not to have a baby the end of the show. I do not understand, knowing full well that the baby would not be so stupid: we wanted to enjoy the first Christmas!

The tremor Gifts occupied all his spare time, whispering and guess the contents of my brothers. As group leader, was elected to the task of color in the menu Christmas lunch on Father's Day, a tradition that will continue for many years to come.

Most do not think we would the place for Turkey (with all the trimmings) and a Christmas pudding on fire after having eaten all the nuts, Turkish delight and Christmas cakes, my mother had been in small dishes on the table beside the wood stove, ready for Christmas Day.

But what intrigues me what little color with special care to the pen of gold, was the special guest appearance "at the bottom of the menu. I was hoping against hope that it would be Santa, but my parents gave nothing away, and I have to wait and see.

Fortunately, the Christmas eve so excited that they barely had time to think the same thing, with a morning walk in the fields of white crystal near our house and a beautiful service Church of the afternoon, supplemented by a small Nativity scene and a donkey noise.

That night, exhausted and overcome with the promise of excitement, the next day I could barely keep my eyes close as my brothers and I left the reins of their snacks peanut under the tree and Santa a glass of sherry.

Of course, it could not unwrap my presents fairly quickly in the morning, the plant runs down to open presents in my stocking a variety of hand-sewn before pleasure of the day collapsed, all leading up to the time that I imagined a dozen times: the arrival of special guests.

I saw him reach the door with his beard and a soft goody bag, yelling "deep" ho ho ho, hug me with his red suit looks great. It was just as impressive as I expected, my only regret is that Uncle Bill had given a Christmas gift to our old neighbors next door and he would lose!

But as was wondering if we were good girls and boys of my aunt Cathy groaned enormous and there was a wave of confusion. Suddenly began to plunge Adult children of any and all were taken to see "A Christmas Carol" on TV

A concussion filtered through the next door, while the great hall of my cousins wanted to know if her mother will be okay in time, there was silence followed by the first cry a newborn baby.

My mother came to the TV room and told us we should get to know someone. And there was Santa Claus the newest addition to our family.

"Is the baby Jesus?" "I asked, incredulous.

"No, my father began to laugh. "But it is the special guest.

Christmas is a time wonderful to remember special people in our lives, friends and family, near and far. Send an e-card is a great way to avoid Rush the job, let alone find and write all these addresses!

In target = "_blank" title = "Katie"> I created a collection of Christmas e-cards are quickly realized and so easy to send. It's as simple as choosing your favorite e-card, personalize and e-mail, with a low cost subscription to the site that lets you send e-cards for other occasions also, from birthday cards e-cards Easter and all special days in the middle.

The selection of 20 cards Christmas "> Postcards includes the history of the Nativity, the traditional harvest season legendary charms, elves or snow scene magic, each card e designed to be a comforting greeting to leave a loved one that you remember, and we hope the new year.

Why not spread a little holiday cheer and choose an elevation send e-card to your loved ones during the holidays?

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