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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Satin Charmeuse Fabric products and information here meets your needs.

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How I can extend my .. dress?

I bought a dress for the dance, its about 1-2 inches too short. I can make the fabric is extra, but the material is a satin / charmeuse that seems difficult to sew. I took a place of transformation and the lady said she could not because it was not enough tissue. but I like 5-6 extra inches. Does anyone have any tips or advice. also look good with a set of about 2 inches from the ground ..

You can try to make a border on the bottom. You can try using a blind stitch or hem tape can be (can board overnight only)

Clothing size is more than ever

Valentine's Day may be over, but the size lingerie is still red! Red is the color of the season, over all types of underwear, babydolls, bustiers and sexy dresses, panties and corsets.

Some Red Hot lingerie models plus size that women are searched and this coming season:

Burnout Baby Dolls

Burnout is simply a term for alternating modes of Contents thin and opaque. Burnout occurs mainly in the dorm again this season. One particular red hot baby doll style is burned with a tie-die pattern and linked to the short game, the depletion of the initial layer of binder.

Jacquard Stretch Satin Corsets

Satin jacquard is a fabric that seems never go out of style. You will find this magnificent complex woven, printed fabric is mainly over corsets and bodices. A hot fire red stretch satin jacquard design, that will surely be a big seller is a beautiful red bra tight and hidden under-wire cups.

Microfiber Shirts

Microfiber is a material Synthetic is fine, washable and waterproof. This elastic material that can cover, is particularly popular in this season more shirts. Design smoking Microfiber is a comfortable warm, garnished with lace shirt which is only curtains delicious curves in the right places!

Charmeuse and dresses long

Charmeuse, a fabric of silk satin, lends his beautifully draped top quality dresses and gowns. Charmeuse flames design that will be hot demand is an elegant robe cord with lace under-wire flight cups, side slit sexy and a little behind with six adjustable straps intersect.

Crotch open front panties

Crotchless're an Angel, a sexy wardrobe in every womans more. crotchless panties women may be even accentuated when flirting with lace, ribbons and bows. This season, a design This is a red hot, open face, the design which is embellished with lace and a sweet little red bow in the center.

Since burnout baby doll crotch open front panties, more styles of lingerie are fabulous! These are some of the Red Hot plus size lingerie voluptuous curves drawings are decorated everywhere this season. tall women all lead busy, hectic life. Indulging in some of the most popular models over underwear is an ideal way to relax and cherished and adored irresistible by women, you're beautiful!

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