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What colors of the land to be used with dress pants and white shoes with black?

The occasion is a late afternoon twelve o'clock wedding outdoors at a country club. The costume is a pair of pants too. The crepe trousers with a flowy chiffon layer (which seems a long skirt.) The top is white with sheer sleeves 3 / 4, lined in satin. The summit also hairline satin giving the effect of large diamonds, and sometimes there is a group of flakes the size of a pen tip to the peaks on average. The shoes are white as a pearl of the portfolio. Jewelry: diamond tennis bracelet, ring, three stone pendant and earrings curves matching.

Definitely not wearing white shoes with black pants! You can go with a boot or shoe black metal (possibly silver to coordinate with the brightness of top). On bass, or go with a pure color or naked, or wear nothing at all.

Secrets lingerie model

Is it possible to be sexy, regardless of their shape, weight or dress size? Absolutely. In fact, Sexy is a state of encouragement and some tips and tricks used by models elite undoubtedly bring your sex appeal!

There are 3 goals when buying underwear: 1) something to show, 2) hiding something you dislike, or 3) to claim that I have something that perhaps you do not really. Regardless of intent, some secrets and know that each model takes into account before putting underwear and parading in front of millions of people.

The 3 things to keep in mind when selecting lingerie

• Style

• Color

• Fabric


No Body is Perfect. Even super models are wrong. The key is to accentuate your assets and minimizing defects. A full-length shirt with a cut line is the first major piece or something with a cut on one side can be a little coquettish. Size lingerie does not mean buying a size larger than you really need. Bigger does not necessarily hide the packages but it is hidden you all. To determine what you want to minimize stress and standing naked before a mirror and find areas in which they love and those who are less comfortable. Then follow below the secrets to accentuate your positives.


If the sinking of the chest or on the small side, with underwear ring stand and give the illusion of a fuller, plump breasts. Baydolls, bustiers, dresses and camisole sets come with ring far and are perfect for creating cleavage.

If overloaded, opt for shirts with the support in the form of a bra. Women who have a C cup or need support when you wear underwear. When installed correctly, the shape of the bra and size can change the shape of your body immediately.

Arms or shoulders

spaghetti straps can be made big guns or wider shoulder seems magnified. Choose underwear with wide straps or sleeves of the CAP will to minimize this defect. Lots of dresses and shirts come with wide straps or sleeves, so coverage is available in both long and short styles. You can also choose a high quality garment that coordinates with your underwear.

Waist and hips

If you feel as if you no defined size, two piece suits trying to break his body. Pants T-shirt, and tap sets are ideal for this - to ensure the separation between the bust and hips, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure, even for women who are not naturally curves.
If you think your hips and size are not among its best features, see the support section to accentuate your curves and produce attractive neckline. Corsets sets in your size while enhancing your cleavage. This helps draw attention upward and away from the waist.


If you think Your stomach needs something to minimize, treat polyester fabric is silky smooth lines of the body while providing coverage stomach. Since underwear shows the skin, which is also attention to the neckline, shoulders and legs, resulting in less emphasis on the environment. Also Use letters of support from the high court with hidden tummy panels. This will also facilitate and reduce the appearance of your stomach.


A bikini provides excellent coverage. Women who want to minimize the background should avoid or string thong panties, accentuating the merits. Panties and Boyshorts, with more legs and provide a wider coverage, will also minimize the back.


To hide the thighs, Choosing underwear with a skirt. Instead of tight dresses, bustiers, or which may accentuate thighs, wrists, with a lot of driving - or wide pleated ruffles thighs - will affect cascade on the legs and minimize. The key is that the added width of the skirt seems to come, not the thighs!

If your legs are short and wide, which can grow and slender, wearing tights and a black shoe with small heel. Also, try using shorter lingerie, bustiers, and as a teddy bear with High cut legs. The spectacle of the leg, the longer it will look.

Too high or too short

If you have a long torso doll choose a regular length or more and you have a short torso choose a shorter or regular length.

Women who are not really found that the zones are more feel comfortable in a beautiful satin shirt length, perhaps with a cut to show a little leg. No matter what problems need to be disguised, Accessories are a great way to draw attention to themselves. Marabou cuffs are very popular, such as necklaces with a wide black ribbon. Women can also use feather products, such as boas and fans, to provide guidance for the eyes.


The rule of thumb to follow when it comes to color, no matter their shape or size, is that dark colors. Colors like black, brown, black, purple, burgundy or navy blue, to discourage the emphasis on bad sectors. If dark colors are not available, find a color that flatters your complexion. In addition, try to keep color and monochrome simple as possible. This lengthens the body, giving an overall look thinner. Try to stay away from large employers, because they tend to look busy and can aggravate problem areas. Doing so as to integrate the models, it is preferable to choose those with lower back discrete size. Another way to use color and patterns is to choose an area of the body you like and are accented. It draws attention to an area far from pleasant About one unflattering. Do not exaggerate the stressing "or you can get the effect reverse.


Whether you're looking for a simple pair of panties and bra or a set of underwear full-body, choose fabrics that are comfortable on the skin. Look for lingerie pieces that are soft, tangible and manufactured with fabrics like silk, satin and velvet. In addition, the research lace. This detail suggests quintessential feminine innocence and sensuality at once. If you think it matches too girly-girl for you, find embroidered lace tops that have some cuts the ribbon around Nice on the edges. This reduction can really delicate clothes Plain square neck blouses or V-neck. And do not worry, you do not express! Many senior lace are aligned along, or at least aligned on the front where you Need a blanket. See through lace sleeves allow a glance at his arms, but to provide enough tissue to hide the imperfections. If you fall in love with a lace underwear is completely unlined, just buy a camisole to wear underneath bare. straps of lace, satin or silk ribbons clean cloth in the stomach to provide the sex appeal without showing too much skin. Even the most basic blouses can get an appeal if it touch me an invitation tissues.

You do not have Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum to draw attention to his intimates. You need the right parts for your body and your name will become synonymous with sexy. Find this piece of lingerie that makes you look and feel sexy is the ultimate in therapy Retail for the mind and body! Would you like lingerie that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful, and turn heads with his men. Great underwear assembling reveal not only their outer beauty, but allow your inner beauty shine through as well. Enjoy the great underwear ... who deserves it, like any model underwear on the planet. Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss has nothing on you ... Now!

If you are interested in lingerie that is perfect for your modelesk body, a new online store will be coming. Look pieces Fashion for every body type.

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