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What should I wear to a semi-official??

I have no idea what to wear, how to do my hair and makeup. I am a first year student, from a junior ... I have no brothers and sisters. More ... What kind of dance there? be there also, food and conversation and socialization? I have 2 dresses party, such as below (Jessica McClintock), a green satin with black belt and the other in white with black dot polka black belt. Suggestions?? Thanks! 20Dresses And Spago = 1 & langId =- 1 & parent_category_rn = 10,317

Use nice dress pants with high heels and a nice shirt a bit out of fashion. and relax hair and makeup not just a normal black eye shadow over the look at night. The music will play and you just take a group of friends and just dance and laugh and sing along or what you're looking to do. You'll get once you get there. Then, in slow dances to dance with your partner. Yes there will be much discussion and socialization. The food depends on the school. My school does not have food, sometimes. Good luck! Enjoy!

Memories centers accessible double wedding

In today's economy, the wives are looking for ways to reduce costs, but still have the receipt the wedding of your dreams. What is a wedding without stunning centers, one dressed in knock-your-socks-off, and of course, wedding favors that your guests can take in memory? Each of these elements alone can be prohibitively expensive - not to mention the label Price total potential. However, each of the elements have become essential for the typical American marriage.

Find a way to access these indulgences, and impress your wedding guests without breaking the bank, can be a challenge for today, married or a wedding planner. The centers are an example of an expensive item that is part of a beautiful setting, but you can add a considerable sum in the Balance end of their wedding budget. Guests regularly clamor to bring the face, beautiful facilities at the end of the night. Well, if everyone could take home the centerpiece? Or a piece of the coin, if you follow ...

Distinctive favor boxes filled with delicious cakes, decorated with colored ribbons and prepared a unified presentation in the center of each table is an economical alternative assessment and abundant floral arrangements. Each piece contains so many favors, because he people at each table, not so that any visitor can take a favor - but before the centers to work to add color and height of your reception tables.

Schools can created with any color scheme or theme design that can be imagined. There are a number of options available from the box, and an infinite variety colors and patterns on the tape. These title = "Sweet Smell of Harvard Center> centers smart table with low-cost carriers, coordinating tablecloths and candles to endless possibilities of a Catering strike. Try one of these ideas:

ASIA - evoke the beauty and elegance of the Far East, maintaining a modern sophistication with clarity. From boxes of style in black and white points, choose your favorite color ribbon - the rich, Burgundy subtle but bold, bright colors of fuchsia and orange. Stack the boxes in the center of the table, like a pyramid, around the center covered with votive candles rice paper and chopsticks rest on a smooth river stone at each location. Your guests will be transported to a paradise of the East.

CITRUS - Few things say summer better than fresh, juicy, vibrant colors - as lemons, limes and oranges. A collection of colorful corals dots and dashes with kiwi green boxes audiotapes add soda and joy of any celebration warm climate. Start with a picnic table or in another long atmosphere and covered with a cloth Bright, whimsical - maybe a green dress, Mandarin or points or gold bands. Set favors in the center, creating a long line in the middle of the table. Then fill the long rectangular white dishes with fresh lemons and crystal votive candles in miniature, and put them online, alternating with favors. This will create a summer surfing scan color and excitement in the center of the table, capturing the essence of the season, at low cost or effort.

Garden Party - The pink and light green are ideal for celebration a contemporary garden alive. Green and white striped boxes with glitter polka dot pink ribbon to lay the groundwork for a shower or subtly elegant lunch. Add a soft pink with spots, linen napkins, green, green leaf and a single pink peony in each of your guests plates of white porcelain, and have a look chic and cool during the sunny months.

Sophisticated - all bright colors against black are the latest trend for the holidays sophisticated. polka dots and stripes black boxes can be decorated with ribbons in any color, including magenta, orange, lime, aqua, purple and yellow. The combination of two or more colors, like purple and lime, depth and more drama. Start with a layer of black or satin-sheet towels table in coordination with its bright ribbon. Use the boxes decorated to build a pyramid in the center of a round table with all the bands, creating a cascade colors and textures. Lime or orange candles and stylish glasses give an extra touch.

OCEAN - Tranquility, beauty and majesty will mark your event, when the colors and patterns evoke the ocean - as their headquarters. Combine richly colored blue earth brown belt with chest "treasure" boxes style, filled to the brim with fresh candy. elements of natural stones from the beach, shells, sand and tumbled can provide a seabed of the sea star-shaped floating candles. marine rope, with a decorative bow, you can use to create paper towels. Cheap and easy to assemble, this theme of transporting guests to a relaxing, windswept time.

REAL - Having a winter wedding? Choose warm colors deep and luxury for your event. The shades of red and gold are a vibrant environment Inside, giving a festive character to space, in contrast to the austere season long. Royal gold boxes of ivory and rich gold favorite bands in a range of plush linens, red table wine. Put a red rose at each location to complete the stage with an aura of elegance.

Whatever the season, the occasion or place, given a little ingenuity, you can create tables with luxurious appearance much less cost than anyone would. Your guests will enjoy the idyllic setting, and come out with a personal memory and the delicious cakes return trip!

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