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where can i find satin ribbon for my hair?

for school! hopefully i can buy it by today!

Many craft stores will have what you're looking for.

Hobby Lobby has a variety.
Wal-Mart does, too. But you'll have to go to the craft aisle.

Hope I helped(=

Beautiful Ribbons Brighten Up your Gift or Occasion

As you breathlessly pull with great anticipation at the colorful ribbon wrapped around the gift, you wonder what wonderful surprise awaits you under the beautiful wrapping and ribbons?

Such is the excitement that ribbons can bring. Aside from using ribbons for gift-wrapping, you can also use ribbons for decorations. Ribbons can brighten up any reception or celebration. Ribbons can be tied onto flowers or balloons, or it can complement the motif.

Ribbons can have many uses, the most common being for binding and tying. Cloth ribbons, which most commonly includes silk, are often used for dresses and also for various useful, ornamental and symbolic purposes. Ribbons can also be used to tie the hair, around the body, or even on animals, presents etc.

Ribbons are manufactured in wide varieties for different usage, varying in color, size, texture and material. There is a wide range of ribbons for you to pick from -- here are the most common types of ribbons sold in the market nowadays:

* Mono-edge ribbon

This shimmering ribbon is the most in-demand. This is made up of flexible materials such as synthetic, and comes in larger size.

* Satin-edge ribbon

This is of thinner size than the mono-edge ribbon. It is commonly used for tying flowers and balloons.

* Wired Ribbon

This ribbon has smoother texture because of its cloth-like material.

* Rattail

It measures about 2 mm thin, is usually white in color, and is used for the bride's veil.

* Pull ribbon

It is easy and affordable to make gift bows with pull ribbon.

Make sure that you use the right type of ribbon for whatever the occasion. Ribbons look out of place if it does not complement the occasion. Make every angle of the party a memorable one for everybody.

The price of ribbon is usually affordable but sometimes vary according to the ribbon's material and style. Buying wholesale ribbon is a good idea as you can buy ribbons in larger quantities at better prices. The internet gives you good access to many credible ribbon wholesalers.

Whether you wrap a gift or decorate an event, brighten it up with ribbons! Make your gift or occasion something special and unforgettable; so tie it with a ribbon!

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