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What is the best way to hang a metal frame?

I rode a metal frame, and I was hoping to find a piece of equipment that can serve only 2 purposes: 1) the pressure on the foam base of support against the chassis, and 2) used to put the table. Several prefabricated frames come with this piece. It's like a little metal pin in the form of U-click and glide just below the back of the molding frame, and has a little hole-saw can be used to hang the picture. What is this metal piece called? Is this the best way to hang my picture?

Back to where you bought the metal parts. They must also sell the computer. Michael O Pearl or Paint.

Methods for hanging framed pictures, Part 3: Suspension of metal frames

In Part 1 of this series, recognized art framed can bring out the beauty in any space, personal or professional. But novice decorators might feel intimidated by or not be familiar with the material for steel structures. We summarize here the most popular metal technologies.

Structural steel demand for its own suspension technology devices, although the principles behind the wall mount is the same as for wood frames.

apparatus Suspension structural steel snap or screw 3 / 8 "wide" universal string "the back of the frame metal casting. Almost all of good quality American made steel structure built in the 1980s and beyond This channel has universal.

There are a number of devices available to attach to metal frames. We will discuss the six most popular. Among them, three son use exclusive use of a box can be used either wired or hung directly on a hook, a beam is used in the top of the metal structure and a hook wood-saw of the frame and the last is a support of two suspended solution.

Snap-in metal frame hangers. These hangers for use with picture wire, have three fingers, two of which fit the universal chain, the third a box made of wire that, when you're stressed, support up. These hangers are easy to install and adjust, and are a good choice for small metal frames.

solid metal frame brackets. With these L-shaped brackets, slide sideways in the frame and the other has a hole for the image of the wire. Remain in place on the metal track Universal with a screw. In combination with wireless high image quality is a very strong hook.

European (Euro) hangers metal frame. It is a suspension of one piece with large holes torn in the shape of the wire to facilitate the development of wire. As the suspension solids, hangers euro set by a screw and are almost as strong.

Three chapters hangers metal frame. The suspension of three legs is designed to block, with or without picture wire, and allows you to rotate the arm section to the optimal position before attaching it with screws. For the installation of the son whose turn ring inside the triangle. To hook directly up the brackets to the top of the side rails and the vertical axis.

Metal Frame notches hangers. The suspension is similar to a hanger sawtooth wooden frame. It snaps onto the top rail of the universal structural steel chain. Once in the alley where you can push the holder back and forth to put it. frames need two hooks notches. When using hangers with slots, the pictures are hung directly on the nails in the wall normal. A trap is slotted hangers that can be difficult to obtain an image to hang directly on a single nail.

Hangman Products suspension aluminum frame. This is a set of aluminum, two of the suspension. In support fits into the canal and the other attaches to the wall with screws. The two carriers then meet to hang the picture. It uses a high-removable bubble level framework can be easily leveled.

Here are some additional tips:

Rust: No matter what the system choose Always use the materials do not rust: nickel plated screws, brass or nickel plated screw eyes and D-rings, and multi-strand stainless steel cable if you use the wire. Rust will weaken any system and may allow your picture to fall.

Very Heavy Pictures: For very heavy pieces, you can use a chair rail for security. Or, you may consider using a platform for delivering some of the weight.

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