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Im a boy cross dresser, Please no rude comments.
P.S. Ill be suprising my BF by showing up in this for him.
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choir dress

choir dress is the dress of the clergy, seminarians and religious of traditional churches worn for public prayer, either in the margins of the Eucharist, or by those attending the eucharist as the clergy of the parish, rather than celebrate it. choir dress is different from clothing worn by the celebrants of the Eucharist and is normally made of fabrics like wool, cotton or silk, as opposed to the fine brocades used in clothing (with the exception of the layer, which is an investment and clothing of the choir).

href = "<a%20href=" http:> 3xlt"> "> 3xlt dress shirtsChoir also differs of "house dress" which is used outside of a liturgical context (whether Whether at home or in the street.) House dress can be formal or informal.

For seminarians, deacons and priests of the cassock is exactly the same as your cassock normal: a black cassock with black buttons, girded with a black headband.

Priests with additional honors may wear a cassock chaplains are different honor a black cassock with purple trim and fascia, while the prelates of honor and wear an apostolic prothonotary purple cassock with amaranth piping or a black cassock with piping red. Fees can use the surplice with a distinctive hood, specific colors, which are determined by the chapter.

Bishops lead over the purple cassock with amaranth piping and add a pectoral cross suspended from a cord of green and gold, a hood over his surplice and a purple cap under the hood. A cardinal wearing a red robe with adjustable Red Cross, the red ribbon and gold armor and a red cape over his surplice, with a red cap. The choir dress of potatoes has a white cassock, surplice, red silk cape and the pectoral cross suspended from a cord of gold. Some guns carry his cross on a band, but only a bishop may carry the cross of a rope. Under the new rules, or bishops or carry guns decorated tree Cappa.

The front and / or livestock can be used in clothing the chorus when a priest presides over a sacrament (for example, in marriage, if not celebrated during Mass), or the priest who presides at the prayer (for example, the priest presiding over a solemn celebration of Vespers in the Liturgy of the Hours at a seminar could cope with wear and earned more choir dress, while the priests and seminarians, teachers will the cassock and surplice choir simple).

The monks who are neither deacons nor priests also dress the chorus: the usual great shape monastic hood monastic vestments, to attend the Liturgy of the Hours or Mass.

attire of the house for clergy Simar upper fascia (A fringed scarf around the waist) and cap. Home clothing may also include the CAP and Ferraiuolo. For everyday wear, especially in America North, a monk can wear a clerical collar shirt, black coat and trousers. Sometimes, the cardinals and bishops who have colorful buttons and pipe attached their clergy shirts so like Simar.

The choir dress of clergy in the Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches are relatively similar. More from the inner cassock (or podrasnik Rasson), a deep exorason sleeves (riassa) often is black, is worn. In the Russian Orthodox Church, married priests are usually gray, while monastic clergy wear black. During the Easter season, both monastic and married clergy often wear a white inner cassock. Some Russian Metropolitans wear a white cassock internal external and blue when you get to officially celebrate Divine Liturgy.

In Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism Byzantine monks wear a dress black dress outside the Mandya. The monastic Mandya covers completely under the chin and down to the ground. In the Greek language, the Mandya generally used to perform certain liturgical functions and use of the Slavs, all monks and nuns of the class or above Stavrophore Mandy put in all services, provided they are in their own monastery. The Mandy an abbot (Abbot) is black silk, a bishop Archimandrite, or is colored silk (specific applications vary by jurisdiction), and has four square "tablets" in it: two in the neck and two feet. Mandy Bishop also "Rivers" on him: three horizontal stripes, or Gold (Greek practice) or red and white (Slavic practice).

monastic clergy wear different hairstyles married priests. married clergy are either color or kalimaukion Skufia; monastic clergy wear a black veil and kalimaukion (known klobuk). For monks, the dress is reserved for Skufia home and klobuk used in the church. Archbishops of Russia have a cross of stones set in front of their klobuks; Russian Metropolitans wear a white rhinestones klobuk Cross. Several Orthodox patriarchs have a rounded head covering called koukoulion.

The priests who have given their pectoral choir dress wear (The pectoral crosses are varying degrees: silver, gold, precious stones). Bishops wear a Panagia (icon of the Mother of God) instead of the pectoral cross. Archbishops may cause a pectoral cross and Panagia. All primates and some bishops below the range that the dignity of a lead Primate enkolpion (icon of Christ) a pectoral cross, and Panagia.

Higoumene default (provided it is in his own monastery) and a bishop can take your paterissa (Staff) where is the church. However, paterissa will never be worn inside the sanctuary, however, when it enters the altar, the paterissa must be paid to a choir boy or left leaning on the iconostasis is the Holy Door.

In North America, some Orthodox clergy have begun to wear a Roman collar (clergy shirt), but this is not recommended one of the most traditional Orthodox.

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