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I'm starting a candle business and need to know what type of wax, and pillar candles to jar?

I tried to work with soy wax /, but it's so big and does not like the color or give a good scent throw. I am looking for a wax that can contain a time "with an open mouth" flavor. I am also looking for supplies, if anyone has one they are willing to sell, if you please let me know, I'll pay a fair price. Prhased I think the wrong question. I need to know if anyone has used a wax that works well with the pillar and container candles, or if I'm stuck buying 2 different waxes mixed. Only serious answers please.

Try this site. It has some good ideas:

Nice smell of scented candles

Pillar Scented Candles are used by different people as different in different environments. Some people burn scented candles for decoration, others opt for quality over quantity. More consumers scented candle enjoy the excitement of historical memory and familiar smells, or to help set the mood at the various meetings. Above all, consumers unanymously almost agreed that we should never candle wicks containing lead.

One of our most popular brands of soy is to it please everyone. Available in 3 sizes and many shapes, it is not surprising that many people love soy. The smells of the harvest potatoes, French vanilla, musk Mora and night are just some examples of available scents soy candles. Filed in satisfaction of a 10/10 by volunteers panel product approval and are uncompromising perfection. Made from a blend of soy and palm wax natural these ex-votos to create particularly delicious flavor in the bathroom or bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere. This wax contains lavender, geranium, fennel and Juniper essential oils.

Desert Flower href = Sonlight "" scented candles> bring the fresh fragrance of spring flowers and summer home - the year all year. The outdoor arts and crafts, sometimes we have a friendly bee buzzing around trying to find the flowers. If you like the floral aroma, our love. These candles smell like the real flower! They feel like "home" in their flower garden. Favorites include Gardenia, Lavender and Orange Blossom perfume, but all are strong, precise and very pleasant. Our excellent "Plumeria" is back. In April, we brought our "Lily of the Valley Candle and" Magnolia "is new.

Be sure to indicate if a container pillars. It is important to let the pillar soy candles burn for the first time an accuracy of about 1 / 2 inch of rim JAR fragrant. This allows you to form a receptacle itself. Because soy candles burn pillar, it will be necessary to cut the outer wall of the drop. For details

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