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What used to cut 6x6 chipboard?

I started making mini-albums, but have been scrapbooking for a while. My shop to sell local scrapbook 12x12 chipboard but I wonder if there is a pipeline that cut 6x6. I do not buy online because it cut chipboard 6x6 and I have a lot of 12x12. Is there a die that cuts a 6x6 Sizzix for my mini albums?

Personally I use the yellow bee scissors, a knife or my ca-also. Sure you have a new blade or very sharp.

GBC 15-inch review Classicut Cl310 Guillotine Paper Cutter


  • The GBC CL310 is Classicut traditional paper cutter style that is designed for home offices or small offices.
  • It has a 15 inch blade cutter to cut materials and has already a table 12 inches wide cut to help you easily manage their documents.
  • It is designed for any cut in the tissue to Cardboard carpet foam board.

Features / Strength:

  • The CL310 is a good 15 "long cutting blade which is ideal for cutting paper lager. Perfect for albums, because it can easily handle the 12 "x 12" Portable and documents is also very precise. It is a popular choice for craftsmen, albums and small organizations.
  • The CL310 has several features important safety are essential for a style of paper cutting guillotine. Have insurance to keep the blade locked in the down position when not in use not. It also has a tension spring mechanism that prevents the blade from falling when it rises vertically. Finally, it has a metallic coating purple finger to help you avoid accidentally slip your fingers under the blade while cutting.
  • It has 310 practical Classicut the cutting table to help align your documents. Measurements were down about 3 inches from the top of the mower to help maintain more precise cuts and also practice lines on the cutting table to help you align your documents. Measures in the 310 CL are metric and imperial, so that you can cut Based in centimeters or inches, depending on your preference.
  • The blade on the CL310 may be refined and replaced. This means that if the blade is is just plain annoying may lead to a local sharpening and can be renewed for you. After sharpening the blade of a couple of times if you become or chipped notches will be replaced. Replacement blades are available and cost much cheaper than buying a new paper cutter.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • The CL310 includes several important security features that are necessary for a cutter. However, there a couple of security problems that I noticed with this machine. In particular, the keeper finger is placed about an inch and a half of the blade. It means you can put your fingers on the side of the blade and still do significant damage. If you are careful not to be a great source of concern. However, there is something to consider.
  • The CL310 is a clip, or support to help you align the paper. This means that you need to fulfill their role in place during cutting and must visually align the paper each time you cut a new battery. This makes cutting any size or Precision cutting of very tedious work. Some cuts have hung over these characteristics and may be more appropriate for organizations that do a lot cutting.
  • In general, the construction of the CL310 is good. However, the cup is made of plywood and the quality of the blade is not close to what you would find in a comparable capacitor cut line adjustment Ingenta maple. The trimmers have solid maple maple cutting Ingenta bases are using heavier and wider quality blades and metal components.



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