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Do you think that your wedding invitation is a big problem?

We planned our wedding, and I started doing my research, because I've never been very interested in weddings before. I've noticed that the invitation is a very big business, women try to be creative and / or glamorous, elegant, "wow factor" and everything. It's expensive! I've been to a couple of weddings, and never stayed with the invitation, oohed over and never thought twice. I'm happy for the couple and happy to attend your marriage. I understand that the invitation should represent the day in some way, and it should be nice, but the dried flowers, and "bling" and the role of large ... my head is spinning. I mean, maybe if customers had to save the invitation, but that is what? Do you consider Invitation / fixed a big problem? Already registered an invitation or become the happiest event style / detail of the invitation?

Probably a big problem for those who marry and maybe their mothers. As you - I did never kept an invitation. But I think to keep the mine in an album. I wanted it to look good, but I'm on a budget and I'm not shelling tons of money on something that people will throw away. I took a DIY kit that had a laser cut design on top and dressed - I have the kit for sale at half price. I put a paper dark red backing on it (bought on sale at the craft store). Then I bought a drill and a tape fed through the documents to make it look elegant. It looks like a million dollars and I realized that I spent about € 1.25 per invitation at the end of the day. I could live with that price and it sounded great. We to send our invitations and was surprised that my boyfriend said his colleagues thought the invitations were beautiful. I honestly never heard anyone commenting on them before, so I was very surprised.


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